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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

Tell the interviewer if you have big plans to become a physician's assistant or if you'd like to return to school. The interviewer is interested in how this position will fit into your future plans. Give tangible details that show you have thought through and worked out a plan for your future. This shows the interviewer you are motivated and ambitious, two qualities that will also make you great at your job!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Answer example

"I plan to work as a medical assistant for a couple years to get exposure to the medical field. I plan to continue my education by becoming a nurse. Working at your hospital will give me the experience I need to move forward with my goals."

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I can possibly see myself advancing to a supervisory position in the future.
In five years I hope to enrolled nursing school perspiring my BSN.
I see myself as a lead medical assistant at the office I get hired at.
I see my self as a supervisor at a hospital. During that time I was with my patient.
I see myself having completed my bachelors degree. Being in a career that I'm simply with and Able to buy a home.
If given the opportunity, leading to nursing.
I would like to learn all I can and one day be able to oversee others; always helping, training, and listening to them.
I see myself in a good medical career with a lot of growth.
I see my self as a RN so yes I do.
I have management experience, but for now I am focused on being an outstanding medical assistant.
If the shoe fits, I will so wear it.
As a lead medical Assistant or maybe nursing.
I would love to find a Office Manger job one day in my future. That is my goal for my carrier is to work towards a manager position.
Yes I have some leadership during my externship training them how to use machines and equipments showing them around.
Yes I do see myself as a supervisor in a hospital department.
Maybe in a few years after I have learned everything there is to know about being a MA
Pursuing more in the health care field, taking more classes once in a while online.
I would love to be working for UTMB advancing my M.A. Career. I do see myself eventually going to LVN school.
I see myself studying in a university in Los Angeles to earn my Masters degree in Nutritional Science in five years.
Yes I alway like to go fether.
Yes, I have supervised before and I enjoyed it. Working in an hosptial or bigger office would be a challenge for me.
Yes, I can see myself as a supervisor at a hospital or a bigger office in the future.
No, I don't want to be a supervisor.
Yes, I think I have the potentiality to learn from my present job and improve myself more and can give my full effort to make it success and handle the upper position smoothly.
What are your strongest and weakest personal qualities.

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