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What was your best experience thus far as a medical assistant?
Give an example that demonstrates your strengths. Show that you are confident and teachable. Share you best interactions with patients.
Answer examples
"I checked vitals and assessed an elderly patient. When the nurse came in she had me continue to perform the rest of the exam under her supervision and with her assistance. Everything went extremely well. I learned so much and the patient was happy as well."

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User-Submitted Answers

What was your best experience thus far as a medical assistant?
My best experience thus far was when a patient came in and brought me a box of candies and she told me that her last visit with me was very comforting to her, it was a pre-op and she was going for surgery to have her eye removed.
Every experience is the best and one to remember..Every position you take you could learn from it and take it on to the next one. Every experience counts.
I think my favorite job was working for Virginia Mason Medical Center. They follow the Toyota Corporation in their business model implementing six sigma, lean and S5. Everything is clean organized and minimal so waste is reduced, production improved and less errors are made. They are a magnet hospital and have won several awards. They really value their employees and ask for their ideas to be implemented for improved production. Its a great team environment and very positive. Doctors are peers with their staff and sit side by side with their MA's and RN's.
My best experience was working in the back office.
Seeing a patient walk in with a healthy baby after doing all of her pre natal care.
Never do anything that don't follow office regulations.
I have no previous experience, I am looking forward to getting some!
I have not had the experience in the field as of yet for I am still in school.
I love the administration work I am able to talk with patients and smile I am able to keep patients info private.
I saved my cousin from choking by using my training.
Making a patient happy because she came back just to see me and said how nice I was to her.
My best experience as a medical assistant has been working for Dr. Ukpeh. He gave me the opportunity to learn what this job is all about. I was able to grow as an individual.
Ability to help the sick.
Getting all my work completed with ease and confidence and gaining trust of co-workers.
Never was a medical assistant.
The best experience would be the past four moths that ive been in practicum. Ive seen both sides of a family and a specialty practice.
One of my great experience is when I was administering injection with this family (dad with daughter). I was able to build a rapport to the daughter to make her feel comfortable with the injection and promise to give her sticker afterwards. She took the injection like a champ and the dad thank me for making her feel comfortable and easy.
The experience I got, the doctors, patients, N.P. S, P.A. S, and coworkers I worked with.
Being able to see that I've made a patients day.
Working with my last Dr. I learned so much from her.
My best experience thus far as a medical assistant is being able to help patient with meeting their needs and expectations such as making sure they are constantly seeing the physician and bettering their health.
Love getting to know people on a personal experience and listening and when people tell me thank you for getting thme in to see the doctor in a timely manner.
Working for DOW for seven years. I have really got to know our patients/employees and made life long friends.
When I was learning and completing my externship I got the feeling like this is where I want to be.
Patient that touched my arm after I had just treated her routinely like any other person and said, "you're going to be a great doctor someday."
Helping the doctor and learning new skills.
Been able to work hands-on with the doctors and always getting cool information from them and informative education.