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What is your least favorite thing about being a medical assistant?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

Whether you have experience as a medical assistant or this is your first job, talk about one of the challenges or tedious tasks that you anticipate will be difficult or less than enjoyable. Be careful not to seem like you are easily irritated. Share something small.

What is your least favorite thing about being a medical assistant?
Answer example

"I'm a people person and I enjoy working with patients, but when it comes to paperwork, I find it tedious. I understand it is a part of the job, so I try to keep a good attitude."

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What is your least favorite thing about being a medical assistant?
Letting a patient know about a chronic illness.
I serve the patient wit my knowledge and skills.
That I cannot do more things to help my doctor.
Dealing with stress, dealing with difficult patients.
I enjoy interacting with patients on a personal level but it is sometimes difficult to see patience experiencing discomfort durning certain procedures.
Patients discomfort with chronic conditions.
1St I love help people, for this no better than in this field, where I can help the pt to have a better health status, helping them to be independent, and have a better quality of live.
Seeing people in pain or suffering.
I love to work as a medical assistant but personally hard to see them surfing with pain.
Being able to help the physician with procedures in the office.
My least favorite would have to be that I am a perfectionist, I need to check and recheck my work because I want to get everything correct the first time.
I would like to have more opportunities but I know I can only do so much.
The least thing I can say that there is none. I learned that you look beyond what's least and make it your favorite.
I love working with my patients on a personal level but it is difficult to see them be in pain or suffering.
Would have to be not getting the chance to work with every single doctor each day.
I feel sometimes it's waiting on things for results to be able to help the patient get their results needed.
Least favorite thing would probably be inpatient patients but somehow they give me the sense to be more helpful.
We as medical assistant should be able to put in Iv.
To be honest,I like every aspect of being a medical assistant form the front office to the back office.
Nothing other than finding out a patient of yours has passed away.
When patients reassure me that they feel better about their health issue at hand.
I enjoy being around people and helping others.
I like everything about being a medical assistant.
The paperwork involved with getting a medication covered that a patient really needs.
Not being able to understand what the patient is saying no matter how hard you try to understand them, yet really wanting to help and understand them.
I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes, as a new graduate at least, but as you go along and you're focused and dedicated things get better with time.
I would like to take challenge as a medical assistant, all areas are important to me as a medical assistant.
Not having all the hands on experience that my other colleagues have. I will get there though.
The hardest thing about working in a medical office is not getting attached to the patients. At my last job I was had great relationships with all our patients. I always made sure they felt like their problem was my top priority and sometimes it was hard not to get attached when they expressed themselves.
The fatal patients. It makes me sad when you build that relationship, and have to watch them go through their illness without knowing the end result.
Having patients yell at me, and getting the flue shot. However, I was aware that it is possible for patients to yell and that it is mandatory to get the flue shot.
Probably the administrative part I like to be more in the back office.
I wish my responsbiles were not as limited so I could assist the doctor more.
Not be able to give medication.
That I get to work with different people.
Giving shots to little kids.
It was difficult to see little kids come in who were obviously sick and not doing well. I could see the pained look in the parents eyes and helped ease their concerns by letting them know what a knowledgable and friendly Dr we had.
While doing the immunotherapy it was applying it to the little one's. I had to do each test singlely and not a whole patch at once, they all however did really good.
My least favorite thing about being a medical assistant is we can not help everyone. There are people who have issues that we can not correct.
My least favorite thing about being a medical assistant is being burnt out from receiving various incoming calls all at once.
My skills have been limited to occupational medicine for so many years. I don't feel I have had the room for growth that could advance my career.
Because I'm always wanting to learn, the hardest part would be not being able to do more for the patients.
My least favorite thing about being a medical assistant is that knowing how sick people really are. How stressful it is on people. but I love how I can try listen to them and help them get appointments to satisfy them that they will be getting the best help.
Tying up loose ends. It's something I'm very good at, but sometimes the complicated nature of it will require that I pause and take a couple deep breaths.
The prior authorizations from insurance companies on denied medications.
I have not done anything yet to make me even think about that, I try to keep a positive attitude about being a medical assistant.
That would have to be this time where there is nothing that can be done to help that patient.
I have no least favorite thing I love medical assistant.
The least favorite thing about being a medical assistant is not doing my job properly.
Seeing someone who is very sick.

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