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What is your favorite type of patient?
Describing your ideal patient gives you an opportunity to also describe your ideal interaction. When a patient is compliant and easy-going, you have a greater ability to do your best work. Without resistance, you can go through your routine smoothly.
Answer examples
"A good patient responds to my questions clearly, which helps me to know what's going on and take proper action. When they are relaxed, I can get to know them better, because they feel comfortable sharing information. I am sensitive to every patient's needs, always explaining the procedure before I do it, which helps them feel at ease."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your favorite type of patient?
I love them alll We should not discriminate.
What is your favorite type of patient?
My favorite type of patient is a cooperative patient.
All patients are my favorite.. You suppose to care for them equally.
A patient who is calm and willing to let me explain.
All patient should be and we should not discriminate.
My favorite type of patient are those who are willing to corporate and are determined to overcome any circumstance.
I dont have a favorite patient, every patient should be treated equally. It is just, that sometimes we have to prioritize those who really need attentions because of their illness or those who have appoinments with the doctor.
All patients are my favorite type of patient. I am here to help the patients get the best care from their doctor.
Actually the reason I am interview for family practice is because I like change and diversity. I like having all kinds of different people to help and make their day a little better.
Patients that are grateful for what you do for them.
Is not a favorite of patient, should treat the same way.
All patients are my favorite.
All patients are my favorite longs as they are getting the proper care.
The kind of patients that have no trust in me. I love how as I get to see them often and know them more they begin to trust me. It feels good to know you can be trusted.
Any patient, they are all there for me to help them and that makes me feel a great deal of importance.
All of them I would care for all patients the same.
I have no preference I am good and professional with all patients.
Kind, humorous patient who is happy to be in my care.
The easy going ones. The easy to please patients.
My favorite type of patient is a patient who, sees that we are doing the best we can to provide service, but also who can tell a good story if time permitted.
I do not have a favorite type of patient. Every patient brings a different experience to my board of colors and I try to learn something new from every patient. Additionally, making every patient feel happy and comfortable in a doctor's office is my ultimate goal.
The type that comes into the clinic wanting help to better themselves and doesn't just go into the doctors office because they have no other choice.
I enjoy all types of patients. The variety is always a nice thing.
My favorite patient is one that is cooperative and has all their information available if needed.
I don't think there is such a thing as a favorite type of patient.
Elderly patient is my favorite type of patient, not only I can gain knowledge from them but I can also bring to the my experiences and acquired skills to help me maintain a maximum well-being.
I don't have a favorite type of patient. I believe that I can be of assistance to any patient and should not gravitate toward a specific type.
One that has an understanding.
All type of patients. You learn so much from each patients profile. Some patients are happy patients who replies to your hello and some are negative who just create negative atmosphere soon they walk in. I usually write a small note in patients profile under note section, so to remind me or doctor about the personal topic they talked about in their last visit - like - their child wedding; or mother sick; their trip; new car they bought. It bring people more closer to you.
I dont have a favorite type but we all love the elderly couples that come in that are so adorable or the elderly man or woman that is like your grandmother.
I enjoy working with all patients any age and background.
I like all my patients I always have wonderful conversations with them.
All patient's favorite for me.
I would say my favorite type of patient would be the one that follows all instructions that the provider has told them to get better and the patient that asks questions about what he is coming in for to treat.
For me all patients are equal to me.
My favorite type of patient is all types of patients. There's no type of patient I wouldn't say I don't like. Being a medical assistant I come across a variety of different patients and my job is to work with them all. Each patient has a different personality which makes my job very interesting but I also learn something about each of my patients and how to work with them.
All patients are my favorite why because my only interest is providing great care.
My favorite type of patient is someone that acknowledge my effort of providing the best care possible during their visit.
The kind who walks in the door with a smile on their face, even though they are having a bad day, or are in pain.
There is no one favorite type, I like helping people of all ages.
The ones who ask questions. It allows me the opportunity to excessive what I've learned while providing them with answers.
I don't think I have a favorite but probably one that doesn't keep me in the room longer than I need to be with unnecessary information.
One who knows what they are coming in for and can explain their symptoms and is willing to listen to the doctor's advice. Middle age and Elderly usually fall into this category.
My favorite type of patient would be the one that is so tired of everything because at that point of time I will get the opportunity to do everything to bring him back to the life,
My favorite type of patient is someone who is responsible of arriving to appointments on time and makes an effort to call ahead of time if they can't make it.
My favorite type of patient are the ones who are understanding of the schedule. I try to fit people in regarding their needs. If they just need a prescription then they can wait a few days but if its an emergency then I try to get them in as soon as possible.
I love all patient all come in with different aspects.
I love a patient that can understand we do our best to give the best service, a calm collective person.
One who is upbeat who is fun to interact with.
I favor all patients because they are all important to me.
My favorite type of patient is a person who is very clear about their symptoms and is willing to be cared for.
All patients are my favorite. Because you learn something new from each patient.
Friendlies. I'm a friendly, so I resonate most with that type of individual.
I love to work with type of patients. I love to give proper care to all my patient.
All types of patient, Its my job to help the patient feel comfortable and better.
I would like to work with all types of patients because all patients has a specific way that have to be treat according to their pathological condition.
I think that all patients are important, my favorite patient is a patient one who feels happy to be with your practice.
Any patient who at the end is kind or thankful for being able to help them.
My favorite type of patient is the one that is always willing to learn and open to what is going on with them and how we can make things better if need be.