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Walk me through your daily work routine.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

The interviewer knows your responsibilities as a medical assistant, considering they may have even helped write the job description. They are looking to hear how you approach your daily tasks. Is your routine something you came up with or is it something you do based on doctor's orders? Start by explaining the first thing you do, including washing hands, getting organized, checking in with doctors, etc. Show that you are conscientious and perceptive.

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Walk me through your daily work routine.
I took care the welfare of the patients by treat them patiently and care about them.
I believe that my best asset is patient care.
I was assigned the task of pwriting seo blogs and web content which I have to done until 5 pm.
Scheduling appointments, answering phones, faxing filing.
I work at a daycare this will be my first medical job, I talk to the parents greet them make them feel comfortable in the environment that their kids are in. I talk to the kids play with them, clean. I work very well with my coworkers, and if the manager needs me to do anything I would be glad to help out.
Come in get rooms ready for the patients and then start calling patients back, get their vitals.
My daily routines would be to prepare the rooms, take patients vitals, enter patients information in the system all while keeping their information private from everyone else, and administer any medication that may be prescribed to them.
I was handling the reception duties, attending calls, scheduling the meeting with the director, filling, generate the database for new business, coordinating with marketing and production department, payment follow-up, cold calls to get new business.
As a certified medical administrative assistant the daily routine was to answer phones, scheduling appointments collect payment for hospital co- payment or late payment and issued a receipt. Welcoming the client with warmed smile and gathered information for patient visit.
Stock rooms, record vital signs & venipunc ture skills.
I believe my best asset is caring for patients.
I would start my day with preparing my rooms for the patients, getting a quick briefing from the physician, and then start my day by dismissing my clients one by one meaning calling all that are there too see the physician keeping in that there is not and emergency case that came in in the middle of the schedule.
I would plan and prepare my day accordingly; prioritizing the important tasks first.
I get up and I think I have my day ahead and what is planned. I then prepare myselffor the day. Go over and review things. And doublecheck my work throughout the day.
Include your hard experience, education (formal and otherwise), life experiences, and the qualities that are going to make you valuable in the workplace.
Why do you think you fit in a medical office?
I believe my greatest asset is that I am reliable, hardworking and fast learner.
Great patients, draw blood, schedule appointments, check insurances, take vitals, call laboratory to pick up specimen.
My daily work routine is ensure patients receive the best quality health care needed.
Paying attention to what a patient says whether verbal or physical.
I would start my day with preparing my rooms for the patients, getting a quick briefing from the physician, and then start my day by dismissing my clients one by one meaning calling all that are there too see the physician keeping in that there is not and emergency case that came in in the middle of the schedule.
What interest do you have in medical billing job?
I greet my parents when the walk in the door and always use eye contact and tell them to have a good afternoon.
Why I should hired you as a medical assistant.
Print schedule, stock and set up exam rooms. Check phone messages. Address high priority lab. Call patients back.
I clock in, and I begin to prepare clients necessary things for their morning routine, I follow assigned tasks, I make rounds to ensure client safety and well being, transport clients to their programs or hospital or doctors appointment.
Greating patient at their arrive take vital signs and measurements, assist during patients examination, parenteral and no parenteral medication administration, preform EKG, and phlebotomy.
I start at 7:45 and 1st patient is for 1 hour. In that hour I call next week patient for the reeminder of their appointment, send reref letters to their GPs who are coming after 6 months. Reply to the messages that are left on machine from last eveing, checking emails. REtreave faxes and trasfer them to appropriate charts. Print new referrals for doctors to triage., sent referrals received note to GP's and ask for more information if the relevant documents are not included. After triaging; send appointment to their GPs and request for CDs' ext to radiology departments, so we have all the documents before patient arrives. Mail - scan and transfer them to appropriate charts; Supplies - as a rheumatologist clinic requirment I look after the supplies. Especially depo-medrol shots, syringes; gowns, zylocain ; and more.
My daily routine I come in set up all the patient rooms check my stock and fill it if they need restocking and then prepear charts for the day.
I would come in early and wish everyone a good morning and check to see who I'm working with and look at the schedule just to have an idea. I'd make sure the fridge and freezer for vaccines are at the right temp. I would check all of my rooms to make sure they're ready. No full sharps containers, clean exam table paper, gloves, and tissues, and everything else stocked. Then I would start taking back patients, seeing how they're doing that day, listening to their concerns, and obtaining all the important information I need for their records. Then I would complete any assigned tasks from the doctor, whether it be assisting with nebulizer treatments, administering vaccines, calling labs or hospitals for records or results... Before I leave I would clean up any extra mess and stock anything that needs it. Then I would check the fridge and freezer temps before I leave and say goodbye to everyone.
Think back to a time when you were in a team setting (e. G., workplace, classroom, family, etc.). Describe the team, explain the goal of the team, and your role on the team. What helped the team succeed? What challenges were experienced within the team?
Organized and proficient in scheduling and confirming patients appointments using EMR. Responsible for prioritization of patient flow through clinical process. Scanned and retrieved documents into EMR using med access. Knowledgeable in giving necessary and appropriate referral information to patients such as appointment to specialists office, labs, and hospital. Skilled in performing simple diagnostic test, such as pregnancy and urine tests. Completed third party insurance and WCB forms. Prepare Medico-Legal Reports. Proven record of managing office, medical inventory, and ordering supplies. High commitment to serving patients over the years.
Rooming patient, calling back patient with results, once in a while making appointment and assisting the doctor.
Answering phones, reception, data entry, computer software, typing letters, mail, faxing, photocopying, scanning, emails.
My daily work routine are punctuality.Be at work site 15 minutes before my time in.Greet co workers and clients with a smiling face.Go to my station and check if everything is organized and start working as soon as the very first client come in.
During my last job, I was responsible for updated patient records, vital sign, instrument sterilize, medical administered, phlebotomy, verifying insurance, ekg, spirometer, glucometer.
Before patients are seen, I will do any prep paperwork, check for labs that have recently been done, review the daily schedule with the provider to ensure if there is anything specific to be done with the client while at the appt. When patient arrives, will obtain vital signs, and any requested labs. After vitals are done, chart in the emr. After patients are seen, I will wrap up the day with paperwork or charting, and cleaning/sanitizing the patient area (which is also done after any labs are completed as well). Before leaving, check with the provider to make sure there are no tasks left.
What is your lowest strength.
15. What type of management style do you like.
Good the first thing that I do in giving the welcome to the patients then to organize his charts later the vital signs to take him then to spend them with the doctor.
Taking messages, emails, sending patients appointment reminders, billing and taking payments, interacting with patients and medical stuff.
Come in get the doctors schedule, check appointments for the day and prepare for visits.
I prepared exam rooms for patients, I stocked each room with the needed supplies, I assessed the patients, performed vital signs, check oxygen levels, iron levels, and performed ekgs, administered immunizations, Provided excellent patient care service to each individual.
I get to work at 8 and I turn my computer on to start checking in patients.
Greet patients, answer phones, set appointment/cancel appointments, make copies of insurance cards, identifications, get medical history, weight, height, vitals, ua testing, take payments, room patients, set up procedure tray, assist physician,
Organize patient information and greet patients efficiently.
Preping for incoming patients for the doctor, for the day, follow up on any pending prior authorization, setting up and administering skin tests and immnotherapy, keeping up with quality control of immuizations and immunotherapy, instructing, being a phlebotomist, radiologist, administering NCT, holter, ecg audiometry, snellen eye exams, work comp related tests, drug testing, and many more.
I would come in 10 minutes early to check the rooms to see if they had all the supplies needed for the rest of the day. Then I would begin to bring in patients to room them and perform vitals.
Physicals including blood draw and other testing. Data entry on the morning physicals. Schedule appointments, answer phone call, call labs regarding testing. Prepare lab for pick up by outside company.
Haven't worked in office.
Sanitizing babysitting room, greet children, playing with them with toys and reading a book, changing diapers, helping them to eat food and drink, sanitizing the babysitting room and toys.
I would start off the day by preparing the office for opening, then I would check any voicemail messages and handle any paper work that needs to be done, make sure the files for the days appointments are ready for you to use, check any incoming mail and sort it.
1. Prepare/Sanitize 2. Greet customers 3. Clean/Prep for following day.
My days starts by getting report from my supervising nurse as to what my assignment is for the day. Followed by receiving report and walk through from the nurses aid from the previous shift.
Answering phones, recall patient, book patient, scan reports into patient chart, greet patient, schedule appointment and etc.
In the morning, I will check the supplies of every exam room to make sure there are enough for the day; turn on the computer and other requirements to get them ready to work. Then, I will review patients' charts. When the patients come in, I will check them in, bring them into the exam room, help them get ready for the doctor visits. After all the patients left, I will clean up the office, pull out the next day patient chart.
Why do you want to work here.
Laundry, picking up and dropping off kids, walking the dog, grocery shopping and any other errands that needed to be done.
Start by opening the rooms including unlocking the cabinets, stocking, restarting the computers, and making sure all necessary supplies are present. I then check the intrathecal pump medication inventory to insure that it is up to date. I assign tasks to the other medical assistants including phones, scribe positions, and float positions. I then like to review the schedule for the day to assess any situations prior to them becoming problematic for the day and develop a game plan for the day in my head as far as lunches go. I scribe and room patient's through the day, refill medications, and check patient's out by making them a follow up appointment. I go through the fax folders, assist others with phone calls and insure that all charts are billed by end of day. I proceed to make sure that the rooms have been shut down and that the clinic doors are locked.
I have not work. I am looking for to provide the clinic and the physicians with my knowledge. The little of experience in got to practice at my school were to interesting. It was the day I always look forward to during the day so I can apply my knowledge and see how I did, how long did it took, did he offered the best? Was the patient satisfied?what I could'very done better?how can I improve. I will literally asked my patient to grade me often coming with positive results. Letting me know how I will approach in the future, it makes me feel the effort I am doing is worth it. I will always look at my more skillful classmate and I was always anxious to learn from them. I will always ask them for advices as well. My teacher as there for me however she had more students so I will only questioned her after having asked my friends and verify the information is right with my notes and books. I constantly practice as soon as I had an opportunity that was my daily routine that enriched my knowledge.
It consisted of taking vital signs, filling out soap charts, practicing injections, occasionally an EKG, a urinalysis.
Answering phone and making appointments.
Brief meeting with the leader, helping customers, answering phones and assisting customers on the phones. Checking out customers. Waiting the workplace and inventory.
Frist I am checking voice mail and e-mail, then I prioritize amy activites for the daily routine and efficient.
We would walk in and turn all equipment on, made sure all rooms were fully stocked and ready to see patients.
I come in and verify the patients insurance, I print the labs or lab results for patient that need to get done, when the office opens I call the patient in back and triage patients, put patients in a room to wait the doctor, then when they leave clean the room and wait on the next patient.
I would arrive at 7am,I was in charge of 3 rooms, I made sure patient rooms are full in supplies, I would also clean and sanitize rooms. When that was completed I would look at patients chart and organize and gather any supplies needed to assist the dr. In seeing that patient.
I do medical intakes on patients and prepare them for the doctor.
Come in around 8am turn on the computers, check the exam rooms to see if they are ready for the day then check and see if there are any patients yet . If so, go up bring them back to the exam room so the doctor can see them.
A typical day, will start with pulling the patient's schedule list, double checking their insurance information, preparing the rooms, prepare the chemotherapy room, greeting the patient, collecting co-payment if any, taking their vital signs, explaining their procedure, have the doctor come and examine the patient, give patient instruction, and schedule patient for next visit.
I would have to plan and prepare the day accordingly as well as prioritizing what needs to be done first and what is urgent.
I checked incoming patients, schedule and reschedule appointments, maintaining patients record. Processing the document, like referral forms, lab results, as well as other office duties like scanning, faxing. When I worked in the clinic, I prepared rooms for examination.
I work in front and Back office drawing blood, assisting with the doctor working with EHR.
My daily routine consisted of preparing and cleaning patients rooms, bringing patients back to see the provider, taking vital signs.

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