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Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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Walk me through your daily work routine.
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I took care the welfare of the patients by treat them patiently and care about them.
I believe that my best asset is patient care.
I was assigned the task of pwriting seo blogs and web content which I have to done until 5 pm.
Scheduling appointments, answering phones, faxing filing.
I work at a daycare this will be my first medical job, I talk to the parents greet them make them feel comfortable in the environment that their kids are in. I talk to the kids play with them, clean. I work very well with my coworkers, and if the manager needs me to do anything I would be glad to help out.
Come in get rooms ready for the patients and then start calling patients back, get their vitals.
My daily routines would be to prepare the rooms, take patients vitals, enter patients information in the system all while keeping their information private from everyone else, and administer any medication that may be prescribed to them.
I was handling the reception duties, attending calls, scheduling the meeting with the director, filling, generate the database for new business, coordinating with marketing and production department, payment follow-up, cold calls to get new business.
As a certified medical administrative assistant the daily routine was to answer phones, scheduling appointments collect payment for hospital co- payment or late payment and issued a receipt. Welcoming the client with warmed smile and gathered information for patient visit.
Stock rooms, record vital signs & venipunc ture skills.
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