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Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

Multitasking is tricky! Sometimes it's impossible to juggle five different things at once. Show enthusiasm and confidence when you give your example. You can handle it! Give the interviewer confidence that you can do it!

Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once?
Answer example

"On busy days I help out at the front desk. I often have to bounce back and forth between answering phones, scheduling appointments and assisting patients in the office. I've gotten used to it and I enjoy the variety and the challenge."

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Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once?
I handled it very well in a professional manner.
I plan a strategy first then I know what I am going to do with that multiple tasks.
I have the skills of coordinating in the unit by communicating with the staffs helping patients and carer at the time by prioritising my work according to the needs.
I had to perform a throat culture on one patient while getting things prepared for the next patient.
Once I was on the phone with a pharmacy to get PA forms faxed and at the same time I was on the computer finishing stuff up.
In my past and current job I have had to handle multiple tasks at one. As a medical assistant I've had to check patients in while preparing exam rooms and being called in to assist the physician.
I would run 2 to 3 machines at the same time at another job. I would manage my time between all the machines to keep up my rate.
Ive really not had to do much multiple tasks in any of my practicums but you just take one thing at a time and get the most important one done first.
I had to registrar and triage the patient.
I work with kids and I would have about 18 to 27 kids in the classroom I will listen to one kid and move onto the next as well as cleaning and organzing my classroom.
During my externship I was able to multi task while rooming patients and working on abstracts for patients.
Check in patient and same time answering the phone call.
I handled it everyday while making an appointment to a patient and talking on the phone with either a insurance company or another patient. Or scanning medical papers into patient charts and confirming a patients appointment.
In retail I had to shipment boxes as well as helping customers and cashing them out.
Working in the ophthalmology clinic, I was responsible for Visual field testing as well as patient intake and discharge. I would first set up patient doing testing then proceed to do intake and or discharge.
Once I took a patient back and got a urine sample from them put it in the test process. Then meantime I took another patient back and prepare them for the doctor. And also called in a prescription for them as well.
I organize each one in an order they need to be completed and start on the task at hand.
My last job I was the only Medical Assistant I had to schedule all the appointment, do the blood Draws call in all the prescriptions and collect copays.
Everyday. You have to prioritize what should be done and what needs to be done, focus and breathe.
When I worked in the hospital I have to prep the rooms, take vitals, and perform an EKG that the doctor has requested.
Prioritize tasks from more urgent to the least urgent.
During a volunteer position.
I handle multiple task by prioritizing. Starting with the most imporatant and working my way down.
Working at Dolan memory care homes.
During my time as a manager this is something I had to do on a daily basis. I had to handle customers, register, dining room, and employees.
In my previous job, I had to do chores while keeping 2 six year olds on task and not break up fights. I also had to help each child with their chores while finishing mine.
Teaching medical assistant program and work in a curriculom development.
When I handle multiple tasks at once I like to prioritize and make a list whether on paper or mentally. Juggling classes, labs, work, and preparing for Capstone was a lot but determination and a plan are all you need to tackle the sticky situations.
In my last job my role was to answer phones, greet each patient upon arrival, weigh and measure each patient upon arrival and do meet all the Dr. Needs all at once.
There is a time when I have to submit a 3 project at the same time. So I prioritize the most urgent study and worked on the rest with a calm attitude.
I like to challenge myself by prioritizing effectively and handling multiple task at one. I was able to answer the phone, check in patients while verifying insurance eligibility at the same time.
My previous job, I was a floater. My boss always joked that I should have my title changed to 'medical assistant superstar' because I was always running around on my phone while answering emails on my laptop, or while doing inventory, I also did ordering from the laptop to save that step.
While working in a care home I would feed patients, tend to their daily grooming needs and help with tasks that the nurse would need help in.
My work was busy and I had to help lot of people at once and.
I did phelebotomy entering the patient in the system while the other patients gets undress getting ready for ekg.
While scanning in a chart, a physician came in asking me a question. Which I promptly helped them with what they were asking for.
Multitasking is essential as a Medical Assistant. Rooming patients, obtaining vital signs, obtaining statistics, entering them in the electronic system in a timely yet non rushed manner then at the same time discharge notices were coming off the printer. I had to pay careful attention to instructions from the Dr and then go give them to the appropriate patient. Once finished I sterilized the room and went to call the next patient back. Always paying close attention to how long patients had been waiting and taking note. If they were waiting long I would give them an update and offer food or snacks.
I would answer phones take vitals help the doctor when needed draw blood and work front and back office.
Processing a credit card through, while ringing up another person and answering the phone all at the same time.
In my prior experiences I have dealt with multiple tasks such as answering the phone while greeting a patient and gathering information from their file to prepare for the Physician.
Performing two or more physicals at a time. I was able to get everybody finished in a timely manner with minimal wait time.
I keep in mind what needs to get prioritized, from more important to the least important tasks.
In my last position, I was responsible for interviewing the patient, taking vital signs, performing FNA of the thryoid and a host of clerical duties such as calling patients with lab results, triage calls, prior authorizations for non covered medications, teaching patients about injectable diabetes medications and counceling pts about counting carbs.
On the hospital floor there's always a time when you have to take specimens, deliver results, get new information for different patients and deliver them all to the attending. Having a good sense of organization helps to keep it all straight.
As a guiding star at the hospital, we have several tasks that we must perform on shift. We must be available to answer questions, guide loved ones to patients, and offer support to those in need. Although it's very demanding, I like that it keeps me busy and active.
The doctor I was working for was going on vacation and needed the clients that were on that week moved to another, faxing and very busy that day because people wanted in that week before he went on vacation and scanning so it could all be done before the permanent secretary came back for her vacation.
With my current job I have on average 10 patients and all of them need something. On any given day I can have multiple patients calling for the nurse, needing assistance to the bathroom, reposition or question from family members.
I set th4em from the most urgent to the least.
As a medical assistant in the gastroenterology department my job duties required me to make sure patients vital signs were stable, they were comfortable. At the same time I needed to properly sterlize the colonoscopes that were used.
It was at dinner time a I was given a patient a bath. So I had to let the others know that we where still in there and I would have to get her ready for dinner as well.
First priority task first and then follow all others.
I worked with up to 3 providers at the time since We didn't have enough staff members that can cover for the other providers. It was a challenge specially when it came to the Providers charting in Orders but I managed to keep it all together without falling behind. It was a great experience.
Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once.
I multiple task all the time. I am bringing patient's in a room for triaging and working the prior patient file, sending scripts over the computer, filing labs, puting lab files where they belong, making appt...
When I got multiple tasks at a time, I gave priority at the most needed task first. According to the priority I completed my job within the day.
At my current job I have to multitask on a daily basis to keep up with my work duties.
I am very careful about my duty what I do manage my patient needs.
Are office cover on thursday for 3 doctors in it was actually a hassel to get all calls and we had are patients also.
My doctor at the time gave me several assisgnments at once. I prioratized and did the most needed tasks done first.
Having to draw blood from one patient, then screen 3 more.
There have been times when more then one patient needed assistance at the same time and I had to prioritize and split my time equally with each of them to meet their needs.
Had to man the vitals for patients and shadow the doctor would let him go in f.
I completed the most important first and completed the others and completed them by the end of the day.
I had to answer phones and handle a walk up window at the same time.
It was when I had to be working with 3 doctors and I had to do the front desk too..
I prioritize what needs to be taken care of first and go down the list.
I have never worked in a medical practice but my previous job I multitasked daily. Such as sorting clothes to clean, waiting on customer, taking another customers order, spotting clothes and pressing them. Also assembled and bagged the orders and filed them appropriately on the conveyor.

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