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Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you handle it?
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They were trying to over power me and take my student every chance they had to because there student was always in trouble so she had nothing to do. So I then had to talk to her and tell her why its not a good idea that she take my student because I never knew where she was taking them and when he had class I never could get him there in time because she had him and asked her to stop.
I have honestly never been in conflict with a coworker. I keep my communication pretty open with coworkers. So there had never been any misunderstandings. Overall I am pretty likable.
I immediately told my boss and let him or her handle situation.
I have never not gotten along with the practioner because I am still in school.
I went to the office manager privately and had a discussion with her. Then the coworker came in and we had a sitdown discussion to resolve the issue.
I usually try to avoid conflict. But one time I had a disagreement and felt I was being attacked. I went back to my desk and delt with it on my own.
I have always got along with the practitioners we work great together.
Did I ignore her the majority of the time.
I cant recall every having a conflict with a co-worker.
There have been a few but the one time I remember was when I tried to assist my co worker but she immediately told me to give her some space. I handled it peacefully and just walked away without saying anything rude.
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