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Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you handle it?
In the medical field, you may find yourself shuffling quickly from patient to patient, interacting with a variety of personalities on your team. Some people are easier to work with than others. Give a REAL example. Breakdown what happened and how you handled it professionally. Focus on the solution, not the conflict. If you wish you would have done something different, share it. Showing you can learn from past conflicts shows maturity.
Answer examples
"One of my co-workers wasn't carrying their weight, which meant everyone else had more work to do. I chatted with her one day at lunch, and she shared some personal issues that had been interfering and we agreed she needed some help with her projects. We all met with our boss and we determined a temporary solution to help her while she resolved her issues outside of work."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you handle it?
It happened very rare. Only when she is late and all the patients are looking at me as if it is my mistake. Sometime when she is taking more than 40 minutes (thought it is booked for only 20 minutes) and schedule is getting behind.
I have always got along with the practitioners we work great together.
I have never not gotten along with the practioner because I am still in school.
I have honestly never been in conflict with a coworker. I keep my communication pretty open with coworkers. So there had never been any misunderstandings. Overall I am pretty likable.
I usually try to avoid conflict. But one time I had a disagreement and felt I was being attacked. I went back to my desk and delt with it on my own.
There have been a few but the one time I remember was when I tried to assist my co worker but she immediately told me to give her some space. I handled it peacefully and just walked away without saying anything rude.
They were trying to over power me and take my student every chance they had to because there student was always in trouble so she had nothing to do. So I then had to talk to her and tell her why its not a good idea that she take my student because I never knew where she was taking them and when he had class I never could get him there in time because she had him and asked her to stop.
I cant recall every having a conflict with a co-worker.
Coworker approached me while I was dealing with a customer to tell me that we had run out of an item. After the customers were out of earshot, I approached her and explained that our work was not about me or her but rather about the customer. She had the skill set and time to take care of the problem. There was no need to interrupt my time with the customer with that news.
I immediately told my boss and let him or her handle situation.
Did I ignore her the majority of the time.
I went to the office manager privately and had a discussion with her. Then the coworker came in and we had a sitdown discussion to resolve the issue.