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Patients can be nervous talking to a doctor. How will they feel comfortable talking to you first?
How to answer
Tell the interviewer what you say to patients when you first meet them, and how you make them feel more comfortable. First impressions are important in your job. If you rub a patient the wrong way, the rest of your interactions with them may feel tense or uncomfortable. Recognizing that your words and gestures can affect another person takes self-awareness.
Answer examples
"I like patients to feel like we're on the same level, so I make sure not to use language that doesn't make sense to them. I try not to throw out too many medical terms that could be confusing to them. I always ask them how their day is going, making them feel at ease by being positive and upbeat."
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User-Submitted Answers

Patients can be nervous talking to a doctor. How will they feel comfortable talking to you first?
The patients will feel more comfortable talking to the Medical Assistant rather than the doctor.Many patients feel shy expressing themselves and tend to hold back valuable information that the doctor needs to know.
I will try and make them feel as comfortable and open as possible.
Patients can be somewhat nervous talking to me the doctor, how will they feel comfortable talking to you first.
I tell patients that I am a medical assistant to and name the provider I am with that day and tell them something nice or encouraging about the provider.
Introduce yourself, start small talk and relate to them on some level, then ease into the questions at hand. Assure them that you are there to help them and will only discuss information that is pertinant to treatment and/or the exam/procedure.
Calm down the patient and appology taking these step to help.
Patients for years have told me things, I found out they forgot to tell the doctor or were afraid to, so I have found it most helpful to chat with my provider before they go in with the patient if there is something unusual or put a note on the intake sheet to inform the doctor.
I would let the patient know that I am here for them and that they could talk to me. I would tell them that if they were afraid of talking to the doctor they could tell me an I would relay the message to the doctor.
I will introduce myself and let them know what I am helping the Doctor just small talk that pertains to the appointment.
I would reassure them of everything that I would be doing and that I would try my best to make them feel comfortable.
I would be very nice with them and make the comfortable.
I will be polite and friendly and make them feel comfortable in kind of just comes natural to me.
Showing the patient you understand and reassure them the physician is there to help.
I am able to evaluate them asking them questions about their health and that if the need someone to assist while they see the doctor.
I have a caring and disarming disposition. I listen well and have a good sense of humor when its appropriate.
It will be my job to place the patient at ease, and I am intuitive in reading body language and listening to others. Every patient will be different.
I will introduce myself and depending on the age I will talk in friendly terms that make them feel more comfortable. For example if the patient is a kid, I will use words such as arm hug rather then blood pressure.
I always greet our patients with open arms. I like them to feel like they are in a safe place. It all starts with the atmosphere of the front desk.
I love to talk with them first.
I have no problem sitting, listening, and even sharing a story of my own if need be. I can be very gentle, compassionate, and warm. Offering a smile always.
I am great at loosening patients up. I may crack a joke or compliment them on item they may have on. I always like to start with a little small talk.
I will make myself look as approachable, and friendly as I can to make them feel comfortable talking to me.
The question is not clear please fix the typo.
By patiently listening to them.
By speak in somethings else has. No relationship with the cause of his visit.
I would be kind and make them feel like I care about what is going on so they feel more comfortable.
I would try my best to be on their level of thinking to make them as comfortable as possible. Show them I am truly concerned about their issues.
I will make them comfortable just by smiling and talking to them in a manner that shows I care while still being professional.
I would put the patient at ease and let them no that every thing will be ok and that they are in good hand.
Greeting the patients, making them fill welcome, with a huge smile will put the patient at ease to talk to the doctor, giving them confidence.
I'm welcoming and friendly. I let patient know that I'm there to help them.
I will just make a conversation and just make them feel comfortable.
Start a conversation let them know their in a safe environment.
Assure them that they are in a safe environment.
I believe they will be comfortable with me by my friendly nature, gradually asking questions but making small conversation also.
I will talk to them and regard them as my friend so that they more comfortably to talk with me.
I will use a calm friendly but firm voice and make them comfortable with talking with me.
Warm, cheerful welcome, understanding the patient situation, talk about her/ his interest field, offer assistance such as hanging coat, offer water, magazine etc.
First clear their confusion and explain them.
Listen to what the patient is wanting and talk them through any concerns that they have before talking to the provider and tell them that they have nothing to be nervous about that you are very understanding and listens to what you want or need.
If show little sympathy, empathy, concern it will help ease patient pain and patient will try talk to me.
Being in the medical for do long I know that just meeting with someone is not the easier especially when you just transitioning from one doctor to the next, so I just simply to ease the tension a little in the room between me and the patient I would introduce myself and just start up a general conversation about their health history but just keeping them calm and steady is the main thing I would want them to do.
Empathy while taking down patient reason for visit.
Because I will be very friendly and try to relax them before the doctor comes in.
By providing a great first impression, build rapport, and listen to their needs.
I approach each patient from their mood. I put myself in their shoes, and imagine how I'd like to be spoken to and treated while sad, angry, or in pain.
If a patients comes in with questions or worries about a procedure. I will first reasure them and let them know they are in good hands, that the doctor is very good and knows what he is doing, then I will continue to briefly explain the procedure in a manner per age group.
Patients will feel comfortable talking to me first once I set the tone. I'll make sure that I'm friendly and welcoming by introducing myself and having a positive attitude.
I am patient and can relate on a human level with the patient.
I would ask question and try to make them comfortable.
I can encourage them to be calm and everything will turn out for the better to ease their nervous feelings.
I think they will feel very comfortable talking to me as I feel I am a very cheerful person but not over the top.
I will talk to patient friendly make them trust on me so they will talk with me comfortably.
I make them fell comfortable I told them about the doctor.
I will give them the sense of security by listening carefully to what they are saying without any judgement.
I have a good rapport with my patients. I listen to their needs and answer any questions they may have.
I will reassure them that everything will be okay and the doctors are very nice.
I will let them know that we will do our best to take really good care of them.
The job of a medical assistant is to put the patient at ease. I think talking to me will be easier because I am not a doctor.
I have the best smile, and whoever I aim it at, tends to melt. I can literally visibly see a change in demeanor when I bring the smile out.
Letting the patient know Getting all the information as possible go the reason of the visit will help with the diagnosis.
Ask the patient what's wrong with them, and I can I help them.
Yes because I'am able to see a patient in a holistic and spiritual way, I always see a patient on these following aspect psychologic, social, and as a patient.
I will greet them warmly and help ease their fears with a smile on my face and help them to feel comfortable.
Talking to an medical assistant is more comfortable due to doctors talk with more medical terminology.
I do believe some patients get what's called a white coat syndrome because they're nervous of just coming into the doctors office. So I was just bring up a topic that's going on around that seems peaceful and just try to talk to them and make them feel comfortable and help them put a smile on her face to bring ease before the doctor comes in.