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How would your former employer describe you?
Think about positive traits others use to describe you. Focus on the characteristics that are most valued in the workplace. Follow up by giving an example that shows why your coworkers think you have these traits or an experience that shows off these characteristics. Prepare at least one example. It's always helpful to be thinking about how others might perceive you, or how your actions affect others. It may be helpful to know when answering other interview questions, like talking about your strengths.
Answer examples
"My coworkers say I'm easy to work with because I try to have a good attitude, even when I have a heavy workload."

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User-Submitted Answers

How would your former employer describe you?
As a motivated determine person who wants to learn knew things to help made the work place productive. On time when scheduled for work, team player yet work very well independently and very pleasant with the customers.
As a hard dependable honest dedicated quality conscience individual.
As a team player, creative personable caring employee.
Good worker, work overtime when I can and I am needed, compassionate about what I do, always give all of my effort in the jobs that I do.
I have a reference letter from him and have it with me for you to read! He would say I am a very hard worker and have great potential.
Good listeners, very compassionate, very loyal, work well under stress, very knowledgeable in her expertise and very dependable.
Hard and independent worker.
A hard worker, team player, good at multitasking, dependable, relieable.
I would like my former employer describe me as a good person and have good personality.
Hard worker and ability to solve problems.
"My boss would say that I was one of the most productive individuals on the team and that I was key to helping our team achieve our goals for the year. We not only met our key goals for the year, we also delivered on two additional projects, one of which won the President's Award for outstanding achievement.
Friendly, polite, professional, caring, thorough.
Very upbeat and friendly. Flexible and fast paced. Great quality of work.
Hard working, courteous, always learning, adaptable.
My former employer would describe me as someone who is hard working and very helpful.
Dependable, Confident, Organized and efficient.
Hardworking, friendly, compassionate, dependable, funny.
When I asked him for feedback, he said that I was a team player and helped people in all areas with a great attitude.
Absolutely love them! They were always compassionate and caring and always wanting me to succeed.