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How would you rate your listening skills?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

When assessing a patient, it's important to be able to communicate clearly. Tell the interviewer that you are you a good listener, you ask questions, and your able to gather all of the information you need. You ask follow up questions as well. Share how you have demonstrated effective listening skills in the past.

How would you rate your listening skills?
Answer example

"When talking with patients, I make sure you listen carefully. Some people have accents or speak softly, and I have to pay close attention in order to understand them at times."

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How would you rate your listening skills?
Very good, love to listen to what the speaker has to say. That is the only way you will learn.
I will rate my listening skill by paying attention when people talk and ask them if I missed their talk.
Very good..
Very good. I am able to listen to others and provide them with feedback or advice if they ask for it but I would never tell someone what to do but instead I ask them how they feel when they do something or what their thoughts are about a certain outcome.
I would rate my listening skills by the amount of detail I put into providing accurate documentation and information relating to the topic.
Pretty good.
I would rate my listening skills a ten because I will listen to them talk and help them with whatever they need.
I would say irate probably about an 8 to 10. Because I'm always willing to learn and I'm very receptive.
I'm a good listeners one of my many strength.
I would rate them excellent.
I have a hearing problem, so I have to pay close attention and use active listening skills so that I can understand what someone is saying.
On a scale one 1-10. I would rate my listening skills at a 7 or 8.
Excellent, one cannot be in the medical field without listening to the patient, if not, one could miss vital information, side effects to medicine, health issues, possible reason for it which could be vital for the doctor.
I am a very good listener. I maintain eye contact, nod and do not interrupt.
My listening skills are somewhat low since the medical office where I worked in the past was always busy and loud.
What are your weakest skills pertain to medical office.
I would rate my listening skills pretty high.
By concentrating on the action words used by the patient when stating their concerms.
What kind of salary would you expect to receive for this position?
I am a good listener and have the patients to hear all the problems and try to solve them.
I like to listen to patients problems.
I am a very good listener.

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