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How well do you work with people?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

The best way to answer this question is by giving an example. The best way to show off your people-skills is to share how you have interacted with patients or coworkers in the past.

How well do you work with people?
Answer example

"I love working with people. I try my best to be flexible and open in the workplace, understanding that things can change quickly. I also want to stay on good terms with my coworkers, so if I sense a conflict arising, I will be sensitive in addressing it before it escalates."

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How well do you work with people?
I work with people comfortably and confident.
I am very patient and I am happy to work in a team.
I work great with others. I thrive off of a collaborative environment where I'm able to interact with others. I feel that people learn from each other and that allows you to grow as an individual.
I work extremely well with others.
I feel that I work well as a team player. I am very easy going.
I work with people very well, I am very sweet and nice, and if they need help on anything they could count on me to help them or finish what they want me to do.
I work really well, I'm compassionate, Good listener, and team player.
I work excellent with other people.
I work well with people and that's what my job is to do, work with people. Not everyone is going to be the same so each and every individual will have a little personality that would make my job interesting. I love to communicate with my patients and with good effective communication I'm able to know where my patient stand and what type of medical need we can be able to give to them.
I am always comfortable to work in team and individual. Always give support to your co-worker.
I work great with people, I believe communication in any work place more importantly in a medical office is very important.
I am a good team player, sociable and work well with others.
I work with people very well because I am kind, friendly and patient.
Very well I think I work best with people. I love working in a team work environment.
I have very good team work.
I'm always asking questions and making sure if anybody needs any help that I'm always there for them to help them. I'm a great team player. I will be there if they need me right away and at any given time. Plus I always have a positive affect and make people laugh and smile. Which can make a good work Environment.
In my opinion I work very fairly, I take time to listen to patients needs as well as the staff needs, I also like to be very clear and alert when communicating.
I am a patient, empathetic and caring medical assistant who truly listens to all people.
I am a team player and I am able to work alone.
I do my best to be as helpful and supportive to those I am working with and hope that they do the same. We all should have one goal to help and support our patients to the best of our ability.
I have over 10 years customer service. I know how to establish customer relationships.
I have worked in very diverse settings and I have maintained relationships with everyone.
I respect other person rights, and always try to get into mutual understanding.
I have always gotten along with all my coworkers. I am a very good team worker.
I work great with people and has more than 10 years of experience in customer care.
I think I work with other people just fine. You always have to break the barrier when you meet someone new but after that it's usually smooth sailing.
Very well since I have dealt with people in many capacities on and off for 17 years.
I can work with anybody and good team player.
I do well working in teams, and prefer it. It makes for a friendly work environment.
I am a people person and team player if I see if anyone of my coworkers needs help I am their to assist.
I work great with people my communication skills are very good and NY attitude.
I have always thought of my self as a team player.
I work very well with people, and get along with pretty much anyone.
I'm a team player and I work well with other.
I consider myself a team player, I feel one cannot go into the medical field without ever assisting or needing other members on one's team.
I work with people respectfully and efficiently.
I work really well I am compassionate and give empathy.
I work well with other people. I get along with everybody. I'm real easy going.
I am a team player. I grew up with my dad drilling that in my head. He would mow the lawn and we would pull weeds and dump the wheel barrow. Everyone is happier and more productive if they feel like they have life lines to help them out in a jam.
I love to work with people, it makes me feel fulfilled.
I work great with people. I love to listen to people and understand their problems.
Very well. They are my focus on the job.
I work well with people. Communication is something encourage because it's the only way to get your point heard.
Because of my foremost assets courtesy, sympathy, and open mind these attributes make me enjoy working with particular with everyone.
I am get along with everyone and consider myself a team player.
I love to help and educate patients as much as I can.
I enjoy helping others. I work very well with people.
I like working with people team work is a big part of accomplishing several task.

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