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How do you respond if something goes wrong during a routine procedure?
Depending on the situation, you will want to respond quickly and make yourself available to assist the doctor in any way you can. Be aware of the surroundings and also observe the patient. Your best response will be one where you are sensitive to the situation by listening closely to the doctor and nurses involved. There may not be anything you can do to help, but if you get in the way, you could definitely create more problems. Ask what you can do and pay attention. If you need to step aside, be respectful and understanding.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you respond if something goes wrong during a routine procedure?
No, because I am safety oriented.
Yes, some patients were double booked or a patient was in with a doctor a long time, causing the other patients to wait longer to see the doctor.
Many times. Nothing serious though. I handled each situation well by really listening to the patient and then helping that patient.
Yes, one time a patient had a vagel response while drawing his blood. I quickly kep talking to him and released the tourniquet, withdrew the needle, blocked him from sliding to the floor and called for help. Administered cold cloth compresses to his head and neck and he came around.
Patient fainting while drawing blood.
No, I am very careful.
Fortunately, no I have not had anything like that happen to me.
I have not had this experience yet.
I am still in school have not done that yet.
Remain calm, remain facial features calm so pt. Does not read into my body language and fix issue.
I make sure to apologize for the mishap and ensure that the next time I come up with a game Oman do that the mistake does not happen again.
I would respond with apologizing for the mistake and fix the problem from continuing within the procedure.
I just stay calm and do what the doctor asks me to do.
Explain the situation, apologize then fix it.
I will remain calm and try to reassure the patient as much as I can. While waiting for physicians directions.
Reassure patient. Call for appropriate assistance.
Try to see if I can fix the problem and if not tell the doctor or nurse in charge.
Stay professional ask for help and call my doctor.
I look back at all the steps that I started with until the time of current. And review everything and then correct it.