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How do you protect the confidentiality of patients?
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This is something I take very seriously. I treat a patient's information like it is my own, and I'm cautious of who i'm sharing information with, who is around, and what is being said.
I never talk in an area where other can here. I only discuss patients with authorized personnel.
I never speak of the patients name. I always practice HIPPA The privacy act. I feel it is very important because that is the person very well being. And no one else's personal business.
Make sure the door is closed during patient interview. Log out of EMR when not at desk. Never leave medical information on voicemail with out patient consent.
By not talking to the patient in the hallway I would put the in the room.
Never discuss peoples personal records out side of office. Never discuss peoples personal information in front of any one. What happens in an office stays in an office. Records that do come in that are paper need to be properly destroyed.
I do not talk about patient in hearing range of anyone who does not have the right to know about the pt.
Make it a high priority. Never discuss patients information with anyone other then the patient. Never leave patient charts unattended.
I do not release patient information without the consent or permission of the patient themselves.
I would ensure that all paper work in regards of patients are out of site, that no patient is able to view my computer screen, and when talking to a patient to talk to them in a quite tone but loud enough so they may hear.
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