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How did your education prepare you for this position?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

Talk about some of the helpful things you learned in school. The medical terminology you learned is invaluable. It takes a lot of focus and dedication to learning about the body and how it works. Share how you applied yourself in school. Your discipline will pay off well in the medical field. Learning how to prioritize time and memorize important terms will benefit you greatly. Tell the interviewer some of the top skills you learned.

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How did your education prepare you for this position?
I would rate my education high I feel I was educated by a very prestige school.
Job position will tell you about education you have.
My education prepared me to work well with others, to be able to administer and talk to patients really well as well as building up my confidence in the work that I was prepared to do.
It was ok. It could be better.
I have a knowledge and skills in this fields as I have word processing and typing skills.
I have prepared well wit my education and knowlegede.
My education allowed me to become more culturally competent and empathetic.
I rate my education strong, because I have a bachellor degree and a dictor degree, also I have 2 years as medical assistant. All this range od education bring a big range of knowlwdge on the healthfield.
Excellent. I consider myself a very smart person and I am always looking for a way to learn more about patient care.
Great we did a lot of hands on task that helped me develop my skills needed to become a successful MA
I would rate it meduim high.
I have medical office certificate.
I would have to say that I learned a lot in school and is willing to learn even more and what yall do in your practice.
A 10. My teachers were awesome and gave us hands on with alot of things to get more experience so we know a little bit about it.
I would rate my education at a 10 I received a 4.0 in school because I had excellent instructors and I push myself and studied hard to get good grades.
It definitely prepared because I'm able to perform administrative and clinical duties.
I would rate my education as fair.
I have graduated high school and I am just finishing school for Medical assistant,
I would rate it as very good.
A 10 I was very hands on and I feel like they covered everything I needed to learn out in the medical field.
10 out of 10 I kept a 4. O GPA during the 4 semesters that I completed in college.
I would rate my education fair.
Taking classes and learning about process and steps that make me become a great medical assistant.
My education helped me very well as we focus hands on subject needed to be a successful student.
I have a associate degree in medical assistant and I'm continuing to further my education.
8 out 10, because I still have a lot to learn.
Master's Degree Level (non medical)
I have a strong educational background. I have a BA in Corporate communication from NIU. I also have a certificate as an EMT, and have taken many science based course work. This unique combination will give me the skills to perform the daily operations of the job and also be personable with patients.
I rate my education as very good. For I did strive to preform my best while in school. Also I had instructors who by day were their career jobs and by night they taught.
The best part about my schooling was that we had to complete 240 hours at an externship site. I learned a lot there.
I would rate my education as a 7 because there is a lot more to learn onceyour in the actual medical field.
Fair. I took the easy way out, and completed an online program. I missed out on a lot that a traditional hands on program teaches new medical assistants.
My professors and instructors were amazing. I really like my time at Remington but there is nothing like stepping foot into the real world eve though they get you pretty darn close.
My previous education include but not limited from office skill and clinical skills and I do have nurse educational background furthermore I am, Register medical Assistant, CPR/bls instructor.
Out of a 10 I would have to say about a 8
The education that I received was very good. For not only did I did very well in my studies, but I had instructors who worked in their profession by day and by night they were instructors.
My education is what prepared me for this position. It taught me everything I know today, and how to take that to my job, and use it to excel and provide the highest standards of care for each patient. The real life interactions from my externship, and the bookwork was all valuable in my learning.
I feel I have the best education possible for the career I chose. We covered a lot of things and performed a variety of skills. I feel equipped to handle my responsibilities as a Medical Assistant.
Excellent. But there is always room to grow.
I believe that I was given all of the tools required to help me succeed in this field. I would also have to say that my experienced has been the best teacher.
I have a 3.0 average I rate it good.
I would rate my education as being very good. I graduated college with a 3.61 GPA
I had wonderful instructors, I can't say enough great things about them, and with their knowledge and expertise they were able to instill that in me.
My education prepared me by working with real people in various settings.
My education gave me the basic skills I needed to give me a head start in the medical assistant field.
Based on my raise and experiences.
I would like to continue my education by becoming a PA at some point.
I would rate my education at a 8, only because in this career the learning never stops, there is always something new going on in the world. No matter how much you are taught in school, there are just some things that you aren't going to be prepared for.
I took Ashworth College online and I my working at my own pace. It prepared me on what duties I need to prepare for and what needs to be done in an office to keep it running smoothly.
I had great instructors who provided us with the knowledge we need to feel prepared to enter the workforce.
Classroom knowledge about different medical conditions and terminology, practical rotations where I had to take patient vitals, write histories and notes, and deliver care.
Always room to continue education.
While in school we had real world scernios that prepared me this position. We also had to externship before we graduate. Working in a real medical office.
I would rate my education as satisfactory. I have my grade 12 and I have done some online courses, like medical terminology 1-2 as well as a microsft word course. But I made a choice and I had my kids early and decided I wanted to focus my life on them and I put schooling off.
Pretty good.
Quality, hands on training.
I work hard for it.
What is your strenght?
I would give my education a rate of good.
I give it a 10 I consider it well educated.
1-10 I rated 10
Very good.
The scale 1-10. Virginia College the have better education and high accreditaction.
I complete medical assisting graduating with a 3.22 gpa.
I would say a eight.
I went to a great shool. White Bear lake. They did a great job in getting me ready for my career.
My education was limited but my externship was when I recieved the affirmation of what the school had installed in me.
I would rate my education a 80 because evwn thought I have the knowledge of what im doing im getting most of what I learn by hands on experience.
Great, hard working.
I went back to college for additional training specifically to language and procedures of the medical office to aid in my understanding.
Ten the better education.
I would give my education a 9, on a scale of 1-10. I think they could have pushed us a little bit harder.
I'd say it was excellent. Had very knowledgeable instructor.Graduated near the top of my class.
Rating my education ... On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give my education a 9. My education experience has been informative and exciting! The instructors at Carrington College are well educated and experienced.
Lansdale School of Buisness is a highly distinguished accredited affiliation that teaches current medical techniques, procedures, and philosphies. I am proud of my education.
I had a good education from a school that is accredited and is known as a quality school.
My education at the Fortis Institute was excellent. My teachers were very competent and drove me to succeed.
Excellent. Spent two years practicing clinical and administrative details. Wonderful instructors.
Good with a bs in economics.
My education was knowledgeable and the instructors were demanding and concise.
My education was a great experience. I learned so much in the classroom and in our hands on lab.
What is your weakness?
On a scale of 1-10, I would say an 11. The educational experience was incredible. I attended Provo College where the instructors were knowledgeable, concise, and demanding which makes me a qualified candidate for the position of Medical Assistant.
Very well.
I say it was excellent, I graduated with honors and I have an excellent training as a medical assistant.
I am okay with where I am at, just the beginning, but I would like to continue my education futher.
I think i'm good with my education.
I will say I have excelent education because I had a good school and a good professors who impacted knowledge to me ... Which I will say it has really helped me and making me a good and profitabe Medical Assitant.
Give it an 99%. It provided a well rounded knowledge to graduates of the MA diploma program to start a their health care career as a medical administrative assistant, or focus more on clinical work, and limited clerical duties working back office. It provided an intro to insurance in a medical office, and even covered medical law and ethics.
Excellent, ICDC college provided me with one of their best teachers that helped me pursue my dream in becoming a Medical Assistant.

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