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As a Medical Assistant, what do you believe is your best asset?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

Tell the interviewer what you bring to the table that other candidates don't have. Think of one of your skills or qualities that make you valuable to the team. For example, share how you are a fast-learner. Give an example of how you picked up a new skill at your last job when your boss needed assistance. Demonstrating how you can step up to the plate and acquire new knowledge or skill to assist the rest of the team is a valuable quality.

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As a Medical Assistant, what do you believe is your best asset?
I believe my best asset is my caring nature. I believe that patients want to be taken care of by a person who is not just here for a paycheck, but really cares about their well-being.
I believe that patience make me become very care and love to my patient and increase my confident to treat my patients.
That I work well with others.
Challenge, achievement, recognition.
Working closely with my provider, having the patient ready for the appointment.
My best asset would be communication.
I would have to say my best assist is to make the patients feel more comfortable coming into the practice. Ask them if they need anything. I am very comfortsble taking blood as well and doing vitals.
My best best asset I believed would be is the good interaction between me and my patients and making sure they get good adequate and proper care.
I am very comfortable to interact with people and I love to help people.
Being able to talk to the Patient and have them be able to feel comfortable enough to tell me whats going on or what the problem is.
My compassion for patient and my ability to grow as a medical assistant.
My best asset are I am friendly, loving, caring individual and flexible to changes and continuous learning new skills.
I believe that my persistence, patience, and my ability to multitask without compromising the quality of my work.
I am very compassionate for people and I love the medical field and how it's ever-changing always learning.
I believe that my ability to put myself in other people shoes is my best asset.My compassion will help me appreciate my job more, which will help to satisfy the patients.
I believe that my best asset is taking vitals.
My best asset is handling patients on the phone.
My experience in customer support and the joy I get from helping out people.
My ability to have a positive outlook on everything I do, there is always a way, there is always a solution.
I believe my best asset is caring and wanting to help patients as well as being determined to get the job done well.
My best asset for a Medical Assistant is have attention to detail because all documents are sensitive material and confidential and they have to be accurate when checking the grammar and the document.
My best asset in any job I do is my integrity.I take pride in being thorough in all my tasks, and providing excellence to my clients and employer.
The ability to care for people.
Helping patient feel better.
As a Medical Assistant, I believe my best asset is my passion for helping people and my skills and experiences will be a great contribution to your organization.
My people interactions skill. I can interact with any age and from any background. I have ability to handle stressful situations and difficult patients. Abitlity to keep records and confidentiality. I derive great happiness in helping others. I am always keen in teaching what I know and learning from other's experience.
There always something to approach differently to improve a high quality job I am anxious to learn. I think my teacher can tell you how my job was done. My perception of me work can be proven by accredited professionals. I will only tell you I will adhere to the clinic's policy. I think that is one of my best asset let myself be guided through the way for others have being there before.
Listening to my patients and being there for them.
My best asset as a medical Assistant is my knowledge of helping and taking care of the clients and performing clinical duties that I have learned during my MA course.
The ability to build a relationship with a patient.
The patience that I have and love for patients.
I'm honest, helpful and very faithful to whatever I'm doing.
My personality and organization skills.
Organizational skill, communicative skill, proficiency in the computer.
Personable, kind and efficient.
I am kind, decent and have strong passion of medicals. Also, I can speak Japanese and English.
My best asset will have to be, communication.
Compassion and love to patients.
Patience and listening to patient's needs.
My will to learn new things.
I believe my best assets, are working with children. I have a child of my own and I love to see her feeling better and smiling, I love to make kids laugh and I love to see them walk out with a smike.
My best asset is that I like getting my work done with accuracy and done on time.

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