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Describe a media plan you created for a specific marketing campaign of which you are particularly proud.
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Successful Media Planners arm themselves with a vast amount of data when developing media strategies. What types of reports/data do you use to make your media decisions?
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Media Planners are sometimes also tasked with media buying. Do you have experience with media buys? If so, explain one of your projects where you had to negotiate media buys.
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A complete and thorough understanding of a marketing campaign's target audience is crucial. What steps do you take to ensure you know and understand the target audience well?
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Staying abreast of the media landscape is a very important task for Media Planners. What do you do to make sure you are aware of changes and developments in different media channels?
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Approximately what percent of marketing campaigns you have worked on utilized social media channels?
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Media Planners need a variety of skills including analytical, communication, and negotiation skills, among others. What skill do you find to be important for Media Planners to have, but you consider one of your weaknesses?
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Describe a time when you proposed an unconventional media channel for your client's marketing campaign. How was your suggestion received by the client?
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Clients may not always see eye-to-eye with Media Planners - at least initially. Describe a time when you had to persuade your client that your media plan was the best way to communicate the marketing campaign to the target audience. In the end, was the cl
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What measures do you use to determine if your media plan was successful?
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If you had to choose one skill that was the most important for Media Planners to have, what would that be? How have you been able to develop this particular skill?
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Working with Creative teams is part of a Media Planner's job. When collaborating with those in charge of Creative, what knowledge or skills do you find important for a Media Planner to have in order to be productive as a team?
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What is one of the most important things you have learned from evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing campaign's media plan?
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What is the largest media budget you have worked with for a marketing campaign? What media platforms were used to communicate the campaign message?
Question 15 of 15
Is there a time when you found you had to alter a media plan after the campaign had already launched? Explain the factors you considered when you decided to make the changes.

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