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Top 25 Math Teacher Interview Questions
1. What is your greatest strength? How can you use it to benefit our students?
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List of Math Teacher Interview Questions
  1. What is your greatest strength? How can you use it to benefit our students?
  2. What is your homework philosophy?
  3. Which math subject is your favorite to teach and why?
  4. What skills and technologies are you most interested in improving upon or learning?
  5. Tell me about a lesson that didn't go well and why. How might you improve that lesson?
  6. Share with me what you think a good piece of mathematics is - something you really like.
  7. What do you feel is the most effective way to communicate with parents?
  8. What do you have that would enhance our teaching staff?
  9. How would you challenge the slow learner and the advanced learner within the same class?
  10. What kind of students do you like to work with? What type of students could you teach most effectively?
  11. Other than tests, how do you assess student learning?
  12. What do you like most about teaching math?
  13. What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve upon it?
  14. What makes you unique as a math teacher?
  15. Give an example of a situation in which you made math exciting for your students.
  16. How would you make math class great for a lower-level student who feels bummed about their math ability?
  17. What are your most effective teaching strategies?
  18. What three words would your students use to describe you?
  19. What rules do you have for your classroom?
  20. How do you get students engaged in the problem solving process?
  21. Tell me about a lesson that went well and why.
  22. Tell me about someone who has influenced your own education and educational career.
  23. What are your plans for continuing your professional growth?
  24. Why did you decide to become a math teacher?
  25. What was the most frustrating thing that happened to you as a teacher?
Math Teacher Information
December 10th, 2014

In contemporary education, mathematics education is the practice of teaching and learning mathematics, along with the associated scholarly research.

Researchers in mathematics education are primarily concerned with the tools, methods and approaches that facilitate practice or the study of practice, however mathematics education research, known on the continent of Europe as the didactics or pedagogy of mathematics, has developed into an extensive field of study, with its own concepts, theories, methods, national and international organisations, conferences and literature. This article describes some of the history, influences and recent controversies.
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