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Marketing Communications Manager

30 Interview Questions & Answers

Describe your most creative marketing communication piece. Talk about how you put the project into motion.

Example #1
"One highly creative piece of marketing that my team and I put out this year was a series of commercials that were actually professionally recorded songs. We hired a small team of freelance musicians and songwriters to put the pieces together, and then had them professionally edited. About 20 seconds into the catchy tunes, the listener would realize they were listening to a commercial but, a commercial they enjoyed hearing! The feedback was exceptional. I brought a couple of files for you to listen to if you're interested."
Example #2
"I have been researching a lot about interactive and reveal marketing because I find consumer behavior and psychological response to be a fascinating topic. A couple of months ago we launched a social media campaign that incorporated interactive scratch cards on social media. People following our page could scroll their mouse or finger across the image, and it would reveal a special, limited time discount code. This particular marketing plan increased our conversion rate by 87%."
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