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Why should I hire you?
Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? One way to show off your skills is to talk about your accomplishments from school or work. What did you do that made your last presentation a success? How did your research positively influence the visibility and reputation of a brand? Review the job description once more to help you highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the expectations. Talking about a successful project you put together with a team or how you excelled in your internship are great examples of that speak to why any sensible employer would want to hire you.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should I hire you?
Because of I am basically statistics and marketing back gound I have much in interest in this field I have strong analytical skill so that I strongly fit for this job.
I found I am fully eligible for the profile. I have a skill like ability to motivate. And inspire the team. An exeperience to deliver against the target.. Detemine and buliding relatioship with the customer. And ability to develope new sales leads, most.
With my 5years of experience in the field with a proven track record and my educational qualification, I believe I am the right fit.
Due to my economics and quantitative qualification and research experience background I believe that I am the right candidate. I have good analytical and problem solving skills. I work with accuracy and good team member.
Because I feel like my educational qualification and skills I possess matches to the job profile, you offer.
I am qualified for this position because I understand as a creative business person the importance of marketing to people in a way that appeals to their senses while taking into account whether they would prefer a quality product at a higher value or if they want something that merely gets the job done. I enjoy working hard while learning what makes people tick. Although, I do not have a long line of marketing experience I feel like I can take the valuable skills that I have learned from my own experience and find what appeals most to consumers.
Educationally, I am a postgraduate on Industrial management. I have learned about the methodologies of market research from few of the best Ph.D fellows in India and am well versed with IBM SPSS software for statistical analysis.
I have done research on multiple companies including the Compass Group, ZTE, Hauwei and others.
My previous experience match with the current need for this position.
I have done post graduation in the field of marketing with honors and has done certification in marketing metrix and ROI from UC Berkeley.
I have experience in market research activity for last 5 years and I am excelling in this area.
I have experience in market research activity for last 5 years and I am excelling in this area.
Being a mechanical guy, my degree speaks way different from what I actual am. I always had a soft-corner for such jobs that would keep me connected to the market instead of just a desk job.
I am basically a marketing student with so and so certifications. You have the requirement and I have the talent.
I believe that I am qualified for this position as I have executed analysis for WFJ for a year and I am familiar with how our business is doing. I am also pretty comfortable with the data and being able to compile presentations that tell a story and that someone an external an overview about the business.
Am qualified for this position because of my past marketing experience, getting the analysis on different reports I requested and analyzing them and seeing what can be better about the ads, or ad placement. b. I have grown a ton in my current role, and my passion for marketing has increased immensely. My sociology background and my marketing background with different companies have allowed me to see different perspectives of marketing and different ways to make a difference or a change with advertising certain products.
I have a same educational background as this designation requires in addition to that my marketing skills, as I like to interact with people and stay with the market trend and the way I can change myself with the requirement of the situation makes me different from others.
I am good at analytical skills, innovative, ability to handle the pressure, team player and good quantitative skills.
I'm looking and analyzing the situation and review from start to end, before taking the decision.
I have computational background in my PhD and I have done a few analytical work in my current position. I would like to expand that more by taking on this position.
Degree in Marketing at University of Auckland undertaking advanced marketing research in my final year of study.
I can give you a free ham and a couple of bottles of wine in exchange.
I have an economics degree and experience.
I have over 15 years experience as a research analyst and creating actionable reports and measurements that aid in the strategic decision making process.
I am qualified for this position because I am goal and career oriented and risk taker.
I have done bachelors in engineering and masters in MBA
Yes, I do have practical and theoretical knowledge of market research.
Marketing specialization with hands on experience in market research.
This position is very well aligned with my past work experience as well as my education. I've worked in a research capacity in several jobs, as well as an academic environment. I also have significant experience in communications roles as well as organizing events, workshops, etc.
My research and marketig experience.
I am post graduate and have interned in Nielsen India and had research as my spl.
I am eligible with my analytics thats it, I dont compare with others, I believe in my brain and thinking.
I have Acquired a Scientific Language with the help of my academics and past jobs which has always resulted Lucrative for likewise jobs.
As I am marketing student I feel like my educational qualification and problem solving skills matches the job profile you offer.
I would say I'm not under-qualified for this job.
I have the skills, knowledge & experience to justify the position and can say we all need to update ourselves which comes by continuous learning.
I have the skills you need. I believe am the most qualified for this job.
My education qualification and my skills are the main key for this position.
I am a true learner. And commitment towards delivery of output.
I am qualified for this position in that I have broad knowledge of quantitive and qualitative research.