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Market Research Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
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Why do you want to work for our marketing firm?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Because this company is an innovative and grown with a fast paced in last decade where I can learn more and more and my level of contribution will help the company and as well as individual.
To have kick start for career, reputed and good one.
It is the greater privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When I read about your company I found that my skills are matching your requirements where I can showcase my managerial skills to contribute to the company growth.
This has better job opportunity.
Because this company has a good reputation in the market and I would like to polish my marketing skills by working for such company.
Because my skills and talents will be a great asset for this position.
To earn and to boost my knowledge in the particular field more.
Because this firm is a leading firm, & I feel I can attain growth in my own career.
I would like to work in this position because I am looking for growth and want to continue on my journey with chanel. It is the only company that I feel I want to grow in. It;s a desirable company overall and to help continue and push it to be desirable to our consumers is what I would like to accomplish.
As I told earlier that I believe that I can relate with the work profile of yours and would thus like to work for a marketing research firm. Starting my career into this field and with a brand like you would be nothing less than a dream for a guy me.
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