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What was your most successful research project undertaken at your last position?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Market Research Analyst interview

How to Answer

Show off your skills through sharing your success! You can talk about how you worked with your team in solving a problem through creating a product. Breakdown the steps you took that made the project so successful. Share how you used examined internal and external factors to design a product that would be high in demand. You can also share how you used market analysis reports, surveys or focus groups to help determine how you would market your product.

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What was your most successful research project undertaken at your last position?
The most successful research project would be Project Helios wherein eight of the subcategories under Mobile Accessories were under scrutinization and would have been paused due to high IPS/low NPS. I conducted an overall subcategory level analysis, then brand level and then seller level. Faulty and wrong product delivered were found to be the highest occurring issues. I proposed brand rules to be implemented on each brand under each of these eight subcats resulting in a low IPS.
Port Data and Budget Analysis.
Nothing as I told you till now I have not done yet.
It is going to be my first job.
The current answer I am giving now.
I was able to identify a number of students of concern through analyzing Moreau grade data.
Definitely the Hawaii pricing analysis as the SVP got insight on how Hawaii is doing and we were able to drop our prices so that we can prevent from losing customers.
I feel my most successful research project was learning how people search for things and what grabs their attention was my most successful feat. Also, the research that went into finding all the necessary information to make an educated decision.
Consumer preferences global product as compare to local product.
Researching area demographics, self-sufficiency standards, census data, socio-economic trends and statistics in support of organizational mission, programs, request for proposals and grant solicitations.
My most successful project was writing about the conflict in Bangladesh.
Corruption perception among civil servants.

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