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What is your favorite aspect of market research?
You play such a vital role in the development and growth of products and companies! What tools do you enjoy using the most? How have you contributed to the success of companies in the past? How have you helped prevent failure? You have the ability to identify threats that can harm operations and help companies see the shortcomings of products in order to improve them. These are all aspects that can make your job enjoyable. Share your favorite one and talk about why you enjoy that particular aspect of your research.

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your favorite aspect of market research?
To analyse the data collected and to come out with a solution.
Finding out when I am wrong.
Researching on consumers perceptions and reading their minds for the products in use and they would like to use.
Determining what the research data has to tell me. Transforming insights into compelling visual stories.
Latest and current knowledge about the particular subject am researching for. The different types of links related to the subject that expands my knowledge.
My favorite part about research is the presentation step. After months of hard work, I finally write out a manuscript or report, which is ready to be presented to clients. I enjoy the experience of looking at audience from confusing to understanding. And I also enjoy the experience of finding out my research is applicable and useful for my client.
Discovering new information and learning new information and ideas.
The primary data to be generated which is qualitative and saves time.
The field work, surveys, stats, bar graphs in short every thing comprised in that research environment excites me.
My favorite part is probably two things. It is figuring out the data that is given to me, and then presenting it to others. I feel sucessful once I have finished a research project, and then to be able to share with others my findings is even more invigorating.
Making the leads and calling them back to make them actuall customers.
Learning. It is an open canvas and I get to learn something new. For example, I learned R as I am doing my data analysis for this Moreau data.
Finding out what I don't know or something that interests me and digging deeper to find what it means or how it could be leveraged.
My analysis, but the problem is I cant take a decision, I willbe just thinking only.
The satisfaction from making an informed decisions with relevant information looked at and evaluated.
To know about the customers perceptions about the different products.
Analysis the data, and building up the story.
To study facts and take knowledge.
All almost liked every thing.
Knowing the features advantages & disadvantages of the product.