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Market Research Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
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What factors do you think determine a success marketing strategy?
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Apple because they continuously involve in research of innovations.
Shake weight. It is still being sold in many stores following its rise in the fitness world and the fact that it turned into a fitness sensation very quickly, The research was looking at the use of advertising and what price point people would buy alot of them.
Harley Davidson is a product that is marketed very well. Harley Davidson is not about traditional marketing. It is a cult brand. They have a strong dedicated following. Harley Davidson stands on the USP of living free on the road. They have initiated loyalty programs for their customers eg: HOGs.
AWS Cloud. AWS for their Cloud services has done telecalling and these tele callings where done from top level management to understand the current market situation and how customers respond to new technology information being shared.
Lipton tea they have done door to door marketing.
McDonalds. They tried to adjust in each countries.
Cigarettes are the most widely marketed product, widely used from long long time, the companies had taken to its great height.
In my opinion companies like gionee, red me, one+ are quite god with their marketing research strategies as they entered the mobile phone market recently and have captured a considerable stake in the market. I think they might have spent a lot of time in market research stage as in order to read the market trend and the requirements of a normal customer who wanted the same facilities but at an affordable price, the nearness to service stations, customer care offices to help the customer with the product. With such brief research it became easier for the companies to design their products and market them in accordance to it.
A. Apple because. It defines the next big thing and creates game-changers in existing markets before people themselves even know what they want.Its like the “cool kid” or “trendsetter” friend of the entire group. Everyone wants to be like Apple.
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