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Market Research Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about a great product that could gain more attention in the marketplace. How would you market the product differently?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Tata Nano. They should not market it as a cheaper car. It should be done in a economic car for economic people.
Apple Watch is a Product which was not marketed well. The Product's Marketing could be improved by determining the segment who uses Apple's I-Phone Products.
In short, target a product to specific group or people, we cannot sell any product to any people.
Facial wash. I will use it as may personal facial wash and to show how effective it is.
Hitachi Storage is one of the product which I have worked in my last company. The product has a wide range advantages for usage but very few organizations are aware of the usage. If a proper market research activity will be done for promoting this product. It will be best for storage.
Although a very well known place for artists, I think Etsy, an e-commerce craft platform should be out there more. People do not always understand the importance of handmade items and the emotional connection that goes into them. I think I would expand on the innate desire most people have to be creative or at least be involved in a creative process in ways that speak to their needs of both quality and utilitarian purposes.
Hand warmer. I have not seen many people use hand warmer, but I find them to be useful, especially at this very cold weather.
Food supplies in the rural areas is not sufficient. I would suggest that the companies must restrict the value of food supplies to a certain price so that everyone can enjoy equally.
I feel that the fitbit could have been marketed better as I see it often amongst working professionals. I feel that it could have had some great posters/commercials where it deals with ordinary people going about their work day and turn it into something funny so that anyone can relate.
There are various products present in the market that do have potential to capture the market but just because of their poor marketing strategy they are unable to perform according to their capability, one such example is electric cars. With proper market research of potential market/buyers and services they are looking upto, these products can be relaunched.
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