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How do you stay up to date on the latest market trends?
Following market trends for your industry will help the company and investors. Routine research on products or services the market is already using will keep you up to date. Talk about your online market research, surveys and your attention to trends that provide the information your company will need to stay competitive.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you stay up to date on the latest market trends?
I recently read a business article on how they are taking unemployed job hunters and giving them the skill set to work with computers and become IT people. It allows them to become a productive member of society while giving them more employable skills, which will enhance their awareness of the world around them and their insights.
My most recent business article was on the healthcare law and how some people who own their own businesses are still refusing to buy health insurance.
Recent Business article was about cloud computing activity taken up by the TVS Motors. They went for CRM application set up to move on cloud. It helped the company to regain its position in market by the help of this new cloud technology, boosted the productivity and sales.
The one I recently read was about Hospitality group Hotel Leelaventure Ltd selling its hotel property in Goa for Rs 725 crore to Ceres Hotels Ltd, the Indian arm of Malaysian firm MetTube. I think that mettube is planning on expanding their business in the field of hotels and starting with that big deal makes him look stronger and confident.
Bout quiznos, and jc penney.
It was on apple company and it was actually informative.
Whatsapp opening up their platform to business. It was interesting the potential of social media can be used in business and the exciting prospect of this partnership between businesses with whatsapp.
Domestic and global business. It was really useful and knowledgeable.
IPhone SE about being very much famous in the market till date.