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How do you stay organized?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Market Research Analyst interview

As you collect data, you will need to stay organized. Knowing where to put this information and how to interpret it is very much dependent upon your ability to stay organized. Do you use a calendar to keep track of deadlines? Do you keep a to-do list? Do you spend time each morning planning out your day? Do you take notes during meetings? Are you accustomed to having an assistant who helps you out? Give a few examples that show tools that help you to accomplish goals, meet deadlines and take care of details.

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How do you stay organized?
I try to have a plan of how things will turn out but I am always able to change my course when things come up like they undoubtedly do.
Yes, I do believe in good organization, this helped me in my time at university.
Yes. Largely the important stuff to be done for the current week is planned .
Yes. I usually make my week long plans on monday and have issues if they change.
Yes I believe in planning things.
Yes, I check out my email on Monday morning every week and plan my week accordingly.
I tried to plan out my week, in order to make my life simpler. I have a set of food that I had planned over the weekend and I know what type of exercise that I will be doing over the week.

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