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How do you handle conflict in the workplace?
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As a designer, you run into times where your vision and what others find interesting clashes. When a disagreement occurs it is best to take into consideration what both parties want and see if there is a way to make both parties get what they want or at least see whether one idea has more solid groundings than another. Or possibly a solution we had not thought of that would make it work best.
Well it was a verbal argument on tthat productivehe sales close rate while the calls where not.
I usually try to show that I am trying to seek an understanding in the disagreement and definitely try to be very accommodating.
Negotiation the exact point what the coworkers really want.
Its quite obvious to have difference in thoughts while working in a team because everyone has different vision so.I also went under one such argument with one of my team member while working for baja 2015. But instead of turning that argument into a fight we sat down with a cool mind-set and worked on the cons-&-pros of the two possible outcomes we were discussing on and then finally came up with the one best suited for the betterment of the team.
A. It was with Hershey and I disagreed with my coworker in the region next to me on how we should approach a Marketing Manger for Walmart. She felt like it was more essential to be aggressive with the gentleman. I feel like I have a good idea of human emotion, and that was definitely not the way to work with him. I spoke with her on it in depth and provided good evidents to prove to her that he does not react well to an aggressive manner. We ended up getting a meeting with him and I spoke the entire presentation and we got everything we wanted, and he actually mentioned to us how we werent like other companies coming in and telling him what to do. So it worked out well.
I told them, respectfully, that I disagreed and outlined why I disagreed. In the end it worked out well because I used diplomacy, but I was also able to substantiate my disagreement.
She used the resources by unappropriate way was the reason of disagreement then by collaboration we resolved this issue.
While working on the Compass Group I had a disagreement with one of my teammates which was resolved when I confronted him about it and we talked it out.
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