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Have you ever persuaded management not to release a product because of the research you accumulated?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Market Research Analyst interview

Whether you have experienced this or not, it's good to think about what you would do if you found yourself in this situation. Your communication skills are vital in working cooperatively with your clients. You will need to be able to explain data in a way that is relevant.
Basic answer example
"I discovered some data that showed areas that needed significant improvement before a product could be launched. I put the information into perspective by showing the management team how my research would affect the success of their product to help them get where they want to go."

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Have you ever persuaded management not to release a product because of the research you accumulated?
Yes becase I analysis all data and information and its showas that we can not do it and I am trsut to my market analysis.
As a designer and crafts person, I have often found that what appeals to my own interests may not appeal to others so I have often went back to the drawing board and took into consideration the opinions of the viewers.
Yes in the Better Baked project we persuaded Better Baked to not try and sell to the compass group.
When I came for such situations, I have always shared my research results with my immediate supervisor and manager to overcome any shortfall.
I have not persuaded management to release a product.
No. I didn't do research up to that level.
No. But if I were to be presented with this situation, I would need to make sure that the result is backed with sound research and should be done.
I have never had such an experience.
Not yet. But I am very keen Bz it shows improper research.
Yes, because my research showed that there is no need of this product in the market.
Yes, we have given recommendation to stop selling the product with non profitable format.
To make them aware the pron and cons if we release the product in market against our research and give them right idea and results come after product launch.

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