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Management Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
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What do you think makes you qualified for the Management Analyst position?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have the experience and training to be a management analyst. I possess a masters degree in public administration and am working on my master in library and information science. I have worked in a management analyst capacity at several of my previously held positions. For example, I evaluated the time spent calculating the daily balances manually. I realized that if I automate these calculations, I would only have to plug in the numbers and the program would calculate thus saving both time and money.
While working at the Department of Labor it was my responsibility to enter and reconcile payments. It was also part of my job to analyze and figure out what the claimant owed for back unemployment payments. I was also part of the year end 1099 process for the department of Labor. I have taken many accounting and finance courses while obtaining my Bachelor's degree. Another point that makes me quailified is that I work within the Dept. Of Ed. Now in the School Facilities section. I am familiar with the files of School construction projects, and the Major Capital School Construction program and the process of building the schools. I am also familiar with Transportation and the problems with NEO.
I have experience in this position and am familiar with the agency.
I have over 15 years of experience as a Business Systems Analyst in the private sector, along with another 15 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer.
Based on the qualification presented in the job descriptions, I feel that I have over 5 years of experience performing MA duties; acting as a liaison between the Services, processing visas and passports; working with embassies and agents/clients to meet business needs and in researching regulatory standards and ensuring accuracy and eligibility.
Because of my 15+ years in management for over 20+ organizations.
I have over 25 years’ experience in working for the government. Since I have been a program specialist I have been reading regulations and policies that govern Child Support Services. As a Program Specialist I would review new regulations and make recommendations on how to implement them in our program. I am very skilled at coming up with ideas to help the department move forward. I have a good understanding on how to use computers, excel, word. I have been a supervisor for over 10 years and am skilled at managing people.
I have been a management analyst for four years in the new York region. My background covers budget and workload, human resources and material resources. I analyzed various reports and identified discrepancies, I studied trends and made recommendations for best practices the region could follow in harmony with our agency policies.
I have the experience necessary to succeed, along with the education and most importantly the drive to be successful for myself and the organization.
I know my current skill set in Development and Ratings provides.
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