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Why are you qualified to be our maintenance person?
The interviewer would like to know that you are a fit for the position. This is where familiarizing yourself with the job description and requirements, before your interview, will come in handy. Are you sure that you are a fit for this particular role? Tell the interviewer why you think so.
Answer examples
"In your job posting you were asking for a minimum of 8 years' experience in a general maintenance role with a highlight on electrical experience. I am a journeyman electrician with 12 years' experience in general maintenance. In addition to this, I come with excellent references and strong tenure."
Entry Level answer example
"In addition to meeting the 'must-have's' for this role, I also bring my knowledge from apprenticing at Company ABC. There, I learned a great deal about commercial electrical infrastructure. This experience will help me succeed in this role, in a significant way."
Experienced answer example
"I have been a maintenance professional for the past fifteen years and look forward to bringing this knowledge with me to your company. I can train your employees further on blueprint reading and schematics as well as electrical infrastructure."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why are you qualified to be our maintenance person?
With my extensive knowledge in building maintenance and repair I feel I will be an asset to you organization.
Diploma in mechanial engg.
I have electrical, building and cabling.
With the extensive knowledge, skills and experience, l think can do better. I do have a certificate in plumbing and drain laying.
I have a very good knowledge of all building trades.
Can you expline bulding anual reaparing?
Safety conscious, work individually or as a team, motivated, structured.
Good all round knowledge . Being in the trade 35 yrs . I am a qualified plumber.
How should a non- emergancy service request be prioritized.
With my ability and expierence I will be a good asset for your company.
I have completed my btec level 3 and now level 2 I have gained experience while working here and I still have more to learn.
I have worked here for the past 2 summers doing some maintenence and working in the keyshop.
I go above and beyond of what's expected of me, I'm a fast learner, love working independently but also have no issues communicating and working in tandem with other employees.
I don't have all of the qualities of a professional maintenance person but I do have enthusiasm for learning, and pick things up quickly.