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Where did you get your knowledge in maintenance?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Maintenance interview

ThDo you have formal education in maintenance or have you primarily learned on the job? Discuss with the interviewer where the majority of your knowledge has come from.

Basic answer example
"The majority of my maintenance knowledge has come from learning on the job. I began doing small maintenance jobs as a teenager, for my family's property management business. I do have some formal education in plumbing as well."
Entry Level answer example
"I recently completed a 12-week pre-employment carpentry course and had taken a couple of electrical courses as well. The bulk of my knowledge in overall maintenance is on-the-job training as I have worked for my fathers' maintenance business for the past four years. Are there any formal courses you would suggest I take, to make me more successful in this role?"
Experienced answer example
"My maintenance training has been primarily on the job training. I started twelve years ago as an apprentice for an HVAC professional. Since that time, I did return to school to obtain my Project Management Certificate so that I can better understand the ins and outs of project timelines and budgeting."

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Where did you get your knowledge in maintenance?
I have worked in all stages of building construction and repair from framing to finish.
Through family business and previous employers.
I have had on the job training and completed courses.
Looking and learning from other tradesmen.
Differend companys and persons over the years in maintenance.
I learnt everything I know in interface and in the tech.
I have leaned a lot by being hands on and taking technical classes bing in the field.

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