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Tell me about yourself.

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Loan Officer Interview

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    Tell me about yourself.

      How to Answer

      A few work-related facts plus a few fun personal facts are a great approach to answering this question. Start off by sharing where you are originally from. If you went to college, share where you attended school as well as what degree you received. Next, mention the names of the past 2-3 companies you have worked for as well as your job titles in each role and how long you were employed with each place. Finally, mention a few fun things about yourself sticking with pets, hobbies, your kids, and any fun hidden talents you might have.

      "I have three beautiful children, and we spend a lot of time at the ball fields and at dance recitals these days. We love cooking gourmet meals in our tiny kitchen, and oddly enough, I am a fantastic beat boxer!"

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      "I moved to Ireland from England when I was seven years old. When I started secondary school, I developed a passion for business studies, which led me to achieve high grades in both business and economics. I knew I wanted to complete a business degree in college, so I attended University for a four-year course, in which I specialized in economics and finance for my final two years. I first decided to pursue a career in lending when applying for my first student loan. Thereafter, I applied for a job in my local credit union, where I have gained experience in customer service, lending, and marketing. Also, I completed the QFA diploma."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Very well laid out! Using the Past/Present/Future model, try adding more detail into the Present and Future part of your journey. Also, if you have any small personal details to add in - just to allow the interviewer to make a connection with you - that is often a good approach.

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