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Tell me about your marketing skills, and where in the past you have demonstrated these abilities.

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Loan Officer Interview

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    Tell me about your marketing skills, and where in the past you have demonstrated these abilities.

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      As a Loan Officer, bringing in business and attracting clients is a key part of your role, and you are great at it! What community activities are you a part of? Are you a part of any professional associations? Are you on any Boards? Anywhere you go, you are a face for your company and 'marketing' to other people when you talk about your job. Maybe you have attended after work socials or business presentations. All of these are great marketing events! Begin by sharing how you have marketed your job to others to bring in additional business. Next, share a story of a time when you were successful at bringing in a client due to your marketing expertise. Discuss where you met the client, how you simply mentioned your role as a loan officer, and how that client ultimately came to you through that simple interaction for their next loan.

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      "As a member of our marketing team, one of my key tasks was to increase our loan book and reach the targets set out in our strategic plan. Last year, we introduced a special interest rate for larger home improvement loans. These loans were a great success as we reached our capacity in just a few months. We also increased our focus on student loans as one of our key objectives in attracting younger borrowers and encouraging them to continue to borrow from us in the future. We saw a significant increase in the number and monetary amount of student loans paid out due to our efforts."

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      Your answer is thorough and shows off a strong understanding of how targeted marketing efforts can boost business. If you have numbers to share, be sure to sprinkle those throughout your answer.

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