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Are you efficient and organized with paperwork?

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    Are you efficient and organized with paperwork?

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      Absolutely! The interviewer needs to hear that you have a system for being efficient and staying organized with your paperwork (electronic or hard copy). Tell the interviewer how you keep your paperwork organized. Perhaps you have bins to sort paperwork into. Maybe you utilize file folders. Or, maybe you keep things in a 3-ring binder. Whatever method works for you, share how you operate. Next, share your system for when you complete paperwork. Do you always complete your paperwork first thing in the morning? Do you split it up between morning and end of the day? Share what route you typically take!

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      "Absolutely! I like to keep my paperwork in folders - I usually have one for paperwork that needs to be completed, one for work that has been completed, and another for notes and information that may need to be referred to from time to time. I organize my paperwork by deadlines and tend to complete it first thing in the morning."

      Rachelle's Answer

      It seems you are very well organized and that you have useful systems in place. Do you leverage any digital tools/programs as well?

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