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Are you applying for other jobs?

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Loan Officer Interview

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    Are you applying for other jobs?

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      Don't be afraid to share if you are applying with other companies too. It can be used to your advantage to obtain a quicker & better job offer. Simply share if you are applying for other jobs. You do not need to share which companies or how many companies; a simple yes or no is sufficient. Next, mention if you have any additional interviews already scheduled, and be sure to share that you are most interested in this job that you are currently interviewing for!

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am applying with other companies. I have one outstanding application that I am awaiting an interview date. However, I am only applying for roles that meet my lending career goals, and this role is my preferred position."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Well said. You come across as focused, professional, confident, and enthusiastic.

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