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Loan Assistant Interview Questions

22 Loan Assistant Interview Questions
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When have you had to learn new company or federal policy or regulations?
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Tell me about an error or mistake you made because of a breakdown in communication from you or one of your team members.
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At your current or former place of employment, how important was communication and dealing with others?
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If interest rates are currently at a historical low, would you suggest a fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage?
Question 5 of 22
Tell me what the difference is between a fixed rate and a variable rate mortgage.
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What is a home equity loan? How does it work?
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When entering data or completing forms, how often do you find yourself making mistakes?
Question 8 of 22
Do you have experience with data entry?
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How will a bank make money from a mortgage?
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Would you go out of your way to interact with realtors and market yourself to them?

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Question 11 of 22
When have you marketed yourself and your company before?
Question 12 of 22
Tell me about your customer service experience.
Question 13 of 22
How would you describe yourself? What types of characteristics do you have that would make you a great Loan Assistant?
Question 14 of 22
Where do you see yourself working in three years?
Question 15 of 22
How would you handle a customer where you had to make several phone calls in order to obtain necessary information from them in regards to their loan application?
Question 16 of 22
When have you worked with a customer that was difficult to get along with?
Question 17 of 22
Would you say you are a better verbal or written communicator?
Question 18 of 22
Are you comfortable making a cold-call if necessary?
Question 19 of 22
Why do you believe you will be a great hire for this position?
Question 20 of 22
What experiences do you have managing multiple tasks at once?
Question 21 of 22
What could you tell me about our bank?
Question 22 of 22
Why do you want a position as a Loan Assistant?

About Loan Assistant

August 18th, 2017

A Loan Assistant is typically the first point of contact between the bank and the borrower. Their job duties include some of the following; making phone calls to potential borrowers, scheduling appointments for borrowers, assist the loan officer in obtaining necessary information to complete loans.

Loan Assistants need to be friendly and outgoing individuals. They must have a passion for their career and enjoy socializing. Their organizational skills will be a high priority in completing their day-to-day tasks. Knowing the industry and the various loans will be a plus for any candidate, but can easily be learned as well. Candidates should have strong computer skills.

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