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Where do you see yourself working in three years?

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22 Loan Assistant Interview Questions

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    Where do you see yourself working in three years?

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    If interest rates are currently at a historical low, would you suggest a fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage?

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    Do you have experience with data entry?

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    Are you comfortable making a cold-call if necessary?

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    When have you had to learn new company or federal policy or regulations?

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    Why do you believe you will be a great hire for this position?

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    When entering data or completing forms, how often do you find yourself making mistakes?

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    What experiences do you have managing multiple tasks at once?

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    When have you worked with a customer that was difficult to get along with?

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    How would you describe yourself? What types of characteristics do you have that would make you a great Loan Assistant?

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    Tell me what the difference is between a fixed rate and a variable rate mortgage.

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    At your current or former place of employment, how important was communication and dealing with others?

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    Tell me about an error or mistake you made because of a breakdown in communication from you or one of your team members.

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    What is a home equity loan? How does it work?

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    How will a bank make money from a mortgage?

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    Would you go out of your way to interact with realtors and market yourself to them?

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    When have you marketed yourself and your company before?

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    Tell me about your customer service experience.

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    How would you handle a customer where you had to make several phone calls in order to obtain necessary information from them in regards to their loan application?

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    Would you say you are a better verbal or written communicator?

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    What could you tell me about our bank?

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    Why do you want a position as a Loan Assistant?