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Why do you want a career working with young children?
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What experiences do you have working with young children?
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When has a child tested your patience? How did you handle the situation?
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Are you currently enrolled in obtaining or have you already obtained your CDA? If not, when do you plan to pursue this?
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How would you handle a child biting another child?
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About Lead Teacher

August 18th, 2017

A Lead Teacher is typically an early educator who works with young children. They provide basic childcare needs and simultaneously provide an educational experience for the children. Lead Teachers should be passionate and caring individuals with a desire to foster early learning habits to the children in their care.

Lead Teachers should be affectionate and patient. They should have a strong passion for wanting to care for children. Most full-time lead teachers have worked their way up into that position, therefore a candidate first seeking experience as a lead teacher should be willing to accept a part-time position and work their way up to full-time. Understanding how children learn as infants is an important step in becoming successful in this position. You should be willing to research teaching methods and concepts and come to your interview prepared to showcase your knowledge of teaching young children. Lastly, being a fun and positive person will definitely help you as a lead teacher.

Preparing for an interview for a lead teacher position can be easy if you have the characteristics described above. The interviewer will surely want to know all the experiences you have had with young children, through work or personal life. They will ask you questions that seek to determine your level of patience with young children. They will want to know why you want this position and what you know about the company you are interviewing for. Lastly, they will test your passion for teaching and your desire to have an impact on a young child's life.