Top 25 Landscaping Interview Questions
1. Do you have the ability to see a finished product, before its done?
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List of Landscaping Interview Questions
  1. Do you have the ability to see a finished product, before its done?
  2. Do you have experience working with little to no supervision?
  3. How do you handle unexpected situations that might cause you to be late for work?
  4. How do you adapt to changes at work?
  5. How would your previous employer describe you?
  6. Why do you want to work for our landscaping team?
  7. Do you have experience with basic lawn care, like weeding and tree trimming?
  8. Have you worked for any well known landscaping companies in the past?
  9. Tell me about any training or education you have in landscaping.
  10. How did you obtain your general knowledge of landscaping? How do you keep up on current trends?
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Elisabeth Walter
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Ryan Brown
Landscaping Information
February 16th, 2017

We have broken down our landscaping interview questions into three job categories: landscape laborer, team leader, and designer. Our interview questions start with general interview questions that will test a candidate's reliability and work ethic. Landscaping is a seasonal job and turnover is very high. Companies will want to make sure they hire a candidate that commits for the entire season.

An interview for a team leader position on a landscaping crew will be more challenging. An interviewer will ask leadership style interview questions to learn how you dealt with various teamwork situations in the past. The interviewer will want to know how passionate and motivated you are with landscaping. They will test your lawn care and equipment knowledge by asking skill related questions. For example, "How do you stripe a lawn? Do you have experience using both walk-behind and zero-turn mowers? When have you worked outside in the heat before?"

Prepare for your interview in advance by researching the company. Know which regions and cities they serve before you walk into the interview. You may also want to review landscaping terms and techniques and learn a little bit about the plants that are native to your area. Good luck on your interview! For more landscaping questions, be sure to visit our Landscape Architect interview questions.
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