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What do you like most about being a lab assistant?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Laboratory Assistant interview

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know more about what aspects of this job you enjoy most. Answer from the heart and be sure to show your excitement for your career choice.

What do you like most about being a lab assistant?
Answer example

"The part that I enjoy most about being a laboratory assistant is the variety of knowledge that I gain in a day. There are always new medical terms to learn, and I am consistently feeling challenged."

Entry Level

"I am new to my career as a laboratory assistant; however, I believe that the aspect I will most enjoy will be the variety of tasks and research in a day. I am an active learner and appreciate the opportunity you will give me to begin growing my career."


"In my eight years as a laboratory assistant, I have most enjoyed climbing the ranks and now having the ability to train and mentor junior laboratory assistants. It's a mutual learning opportunity as their education is so fresh, so I find the opportunity to be a win-win."

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What do you like most about being a lab assistant?
Observation and analysis of different work which were daily carried on.
I would like to work with patient, diagnose various disease and derive a patient in to right direction.
Never been one but the idea of someone relying on me and my work encourages me to be prescise.
It allows to have continued experience in what goes on in todays medical field. Things are always changing and being up to date is very important. You have to be flexible and willing to learn new things. Though some things may seem routine, there is always innovative research being done.
To learning a new things and it's a challenging job.
Interacting with patients and being able to help people.
Well it's a good way to gain lab experience while at the same time I can learn even more and prepare for more challenges in my future.
Doing something for the students, setting up a laboratory for their experiments and then if required helping them with understanding the experiments.
Helping the doctor in the diagnosis of a patient.
Hard working, long patience and as a lab assistant I like helping and assisting others to ease their hard and stressful work.
Being immersed in techniques and lab environment where I can focus and channel my efforts to support the lab staff as a whole. To contribute to the lab as a whole and work together as a team.
I like being able to interact with my patients. I enjoy showing my support and being able to give them confidence that my work is being done properly and is handled safely.
I like to be a part of experiments and innovating things.
I like that I am able to see the course work from my college classes applied in real life.
I like making sure that the labs are accurate. The next best thing to directly working with patients is indirectly working with patients.
The suspense and uniqueness of every procedure.
Learn somethign more and grow, new expereience, also, helping others.
What I like most about this position is the excitement of doing something different everyday.
The fact that you help many people by giving them a reliable results.
Helping people, improving my lab techniques and processing samples.
I fell very glad that I am a professional in healthcare and helping the persons who are diseased also doctors are called good so we are working with them.
The experience of working in a lab and with chemicals.
I will start again in the lab field, since the botton... And maybe to be a technical.
Learning all of the different kinds of tests there are for so many different kinds of conditions and being able to help someone to figure out what is wrong with them.
Help in the resolve in patient care.
Working in the lab I just love the environment. Working with the tools and the techniques. It's not being a doctor but you're part of the process.
What I like most about being a Lab Assistant is that I get to know a lot of people of different race and nationality and I get to know more about other people's personality through having a conversation with them.
I can view what scientist are working on and feel part of the team.
Each and everything actually. Instruments handeling, sampling specially.
Assisting in the lab, meeting the dead lines and challenges and expand your skills.
Working as part of a team and learning new skills along the way.
I enjoy the real life experience I acquire from it, It gives me an outlook on what my future occupation may look like.
Helping and moniroring the computers, keepig everthing organized.
Dealing with different kind of people,
I like preparing different kinds of samples and running the samples through different instruments such as UV-Vis spectrometry and analyzing the results to learn something new.
I am a perplex person,I like to work as a team and on my own the fact that I can see and learn all the skills in lab in real and get on with the learning and knowledge each day and be great full I'm here and got this far to appreciate I have accomplished my desired job with passion.
Being around intellectual people, researching, microscopes.
Providing excellent care to the patients.
Opportunity to make things clearer for students.
Assisting health professionals that make a real difference in people's lifes.
- What I like most about being a Lab Assistant is that I am able to have a hands on experience in the field that I am interested in. Also, lab is a place where I can apply the concepts that I learned in class. As of now, I am in a stage where I wonder if all these studies are necessary, but when I see them actually applied in real-world situation, I think everything will be so rewarding.
I like diagnosing different diseases to provide treatment to people who are suffering.
Helping and working with patients, making patients smile and giving them the best experience. Department wise, I enjoy phlebotomy.
I have not previously been a lab assistant, but I think that the experience working along side a research professional and with actual data will give me irreplaceable knowledge and experience to go towards future jobs and internships.
Being in a lab and always getting to learn something.
I have never worked as a lab assistant before but feel that it gives a behind the scenes look of the specimen testing process.
My observation for improvement of this place.
I enjoyed working in a Lab. I enjoyed knowing I was using my brain. I enjoy being of help to others and I look forward to being in a role which will provide people with necessities.
It makes earn more lab experience, a great step to becoming future medical technologists and gives me more pleasure in satisfying my customer by providing best quality laboratory experience to them.
The opportunity to always learn new things and to put to use the skills that I have been learning in college and from other jobs and experiences.
I enjoy the variety everyday. The work is never monotonous or boring.
Performing test honestly.
I don't know yet. I like it's a new challenge, a new chapter for me. I like I'm still having to deal and socialize with people and help people.
I like being under supervision to learn from and I like doing the work and learning the procedure.
Nothing more but I assure if I am selected then I will satisfy all my seniors and junior with my work and behavior.
Helping people to be well, fascinated with the entire process.
I like the job and I want to know the various things.
I like to help people to improve their health and save lives as healthcare professional.
I like to learn and work as a team to accomplish a goal.
I like the organization and analyzation.
To be able to contribute to the analysis of materials.
I would most like getting to be a part of something larger, something that matters and makes a difference in the energy world.
I love the skill and I am able to move around well, I enjoy meeting new pt. Every day, the flexibility the trade mostly.
To do computer in lab.
To learn the students about the process.
Discovering and learning new things.
With maintaining and handling laboratory.
I enjoy reseraching.
Helping out people, knowing that I am saving peoples lives and doing the analysis on samples.
Doing the analysis on different samples, you are always doing samething different everyday.
Many patients are not looking forward for their blood draws as they have had past bad experience and I like the challenge that I could provide them satisfying experience.
I would enjoy the actual science as well as the result of my work. Everyday I would strive to perfect my skills and techniques. The accurate results are essential to begin the patients treatment.
I enjoy high detailed oriented jobs, I enjoy working alone or in teams, I effectivly communicate and I am able to multi task and organize!
I enjoy the skill mostly, but to be able to get the specimen without continuously puttiong the pt through more than one stick.
Meeting patients and helping people out.
I love to work with chemicals and doing research..
What I like most about being a lab assistant is seeing many types of specimens and testing it.
Helping people and taken blood.
Lab assistant job is a challenging job as we need to train students.
I always wanted to be a part of the medical field and I think I'd fit in here best. I'd like that I'm able to help set up the lab, have everything ready, and I'll also be able to talk to people/patients and be a part of something that is important to me.

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