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Laboratory Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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What can you do for us that other candidates can't?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I consider myself to be someone who not only has the skills to perform the job, but most importantly be a team player and be one who possesses integrity.
I can use my knowledge that I have attained so far from working at healthscope and Dorevitch Pathology.
With my skills and knowledge I know what it takes to have lab function properly.
I am very detail-oriented, focused, and I work well in teams. This allows me to be careful when running lab tests and preparing specimens. Although I have never held a lab assistant position, I am a fast learner, which I am certain that I will not only learn fast, but in an efficient manner.
I will show up everyday and will not make excuses for my shortcomings. Also I will always strive to improve myself and continue to learn even more things that can help the company.
I can speak two languages. Arabic and English, which I found really helpful during practicum.
Well, my best character which makes me suitable for the position of a Laboratory Assistant is my passion and knowledge for Science and also hardwork. I think due to this I will be able to look after my students to the best of my ability and help them succeed in their practical work schedule which in tern will help them in their theory work. However my ability to help students will depend on how much I will allowed to do with the permission of the Science teachers.
I am able to handle many jobs at once. I held a position as a research assistant during the summer, I was assigned 4 or 5 jobs at one time and would have different deadlines for each of them. I worked to finish the introductory sections of each job first so I would be able to tell which would require the most work.
I can satisfy your needs inside the laboratory, I can be a all around assistant when you needed to and I am very passionate in my work just to help you and other people with a warm heart.
I can provide timely completion of tasks, an easy going co-worker, and an optimistic attitude.
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