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By this time in your career, you should have advanced further. What has slowed down your career progression?
When an interviewer sees slow career progression on your resume, they will immediately want to determine whether this is by your own choice, any outside circumstances, or if you just are not motivated to create growth in your career. If your job has progressed slower than you wish, you must be honest with the interviewer when discussing this.
Answer examples
"I agree with you that my career progression has been slower than some. You will see that between 2005 - 2009 I worked for the same company without an increase in my job title. The company was too small to offer a promotion to me as the next level was directorship which I didn't have the educational credentials for. After this, from 2009-2012 I was on leave as I needed to care for my ailing parents. The growth since returning to work has been steady but those years were a bit of a standstill for me. I am ready to spring into action now, and forge ahead in my career as a lab assistant."
Entry Level answer example
"I am happy with my progress as a lab assistant. My education did take me a bit longer to complete than I expected; however, I was working full time in tandem with my studies."
Experienced answer example
"I have progressed comfortably in my career. Although it may not seem as advanced as some, I am content with my progression as it has offered me a manageable pace and the chance to take additional coursework related to my role as a laboratory assistant."

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User-Submitted Answers

By this time in your career, you should have advanced further. What has slowed down your career progression?
I'm very patient, I speak another language, very good memory.
I feel you can rely on me to be dependable, when ever you need me I'm there. I feel I have been the pt. And I can empathise with most people that have been struggeling with certain issues.
I have over 20 years experience working in the hospital environment as well as diagnostic laboratory and out patient clinic.
I pay a greater attention to detail, I am reliable, dependable.
Willingness to learn and im dedicated and looking forward to gain all the experience with the oppurtunity, im also reliable and I can be depeneded on.
With a background in biology I can bring forth knowledgable experience. I am focused and very detailed oriented. I know what it takes to have a labfunction properly with the best outcomes.
I am extremely meticulous and I do tend to focus on details. I like a job well done and I intend on doing the same here if I get the job.
Arrive to work everyday and on time or early.
I love my job place like my second home.
In my past role I turned around quality assurance for point of care testing from 43% participation to 100%
Hardworking, time efficient, great attention to detail, reliable and dependable.
I am a team player and maintain a positive attitude.
I am very dedicated and hard worker . I am very patient and quick learner.
I am a dedicated individual that throughly understands what the words dependable, hardworking and detail oriented means.I have the experience you desire in a hospital,ER, and disaster zone setting you need.
I believe that my problem solving skills and people skills differentiates from other candidates. I am motivated, disciplined, focus, and am willing to do whatever it takes me to get the job done.
I go over the 100% required to perform the tasks given, excellent time management and quick learner.
I can make an impact and bring benefit to the company.
Without much experience as a laboratory assistant, you can train me to do tasks your way and I assure you I will follow those directions every time.
I have almost a years experience already working in the laboratory; I have shown that I am flexible with my working commitments and able to help at less socialbhle times, as well as always being on time to work, I am very reliable in that respect. I get on well with the team I am currently working with, and enjoy my days at the laboratory because of this; I am able to mix well with people and make the environment a nice place to work in.
I can bring fresh enthusiasm for the work that your company does.
Commitment to justify my work and accept my failure if I tend to commit mistake and in turn learn from it.
I am a very dedicated and hardworking individual, I will treat this place like my second home. I have leadership qualiti4es, am very adaptable/flexible and I make sure I get the job done.
Having worked in a Japanese company, my working style is completely attuned with working Japanese and Indian working style.
I can bring a dedicated spirit that I know will lend way to me being successful at whatever task I am given.
I am very detail-oriented, focused, and I work well in teams. This allows me to be careful when running lab tests and preparing specimens. Although I have never held a lab assistant position, I am a fast learner, which I am certain that I will not only learn fast, but in an efficient manner.
With a background in microbiology I can bring my knowledge and experience here. Moreover I am hard working and a good team player.
I can bring my enthusiasm to this role. I can incorporate my passion with my potential in order to deliver in this working environment.
I can add more values professionally and customer-wise to the company.
I am passionate and experienced in lab duties so I like chaallenges.
I am respectful and very easy to work with. I can bring forth a positive work environment with professional interpersonal relationships.
I can observe the oppertunities for growth with due honor.
Because of my talent to pay close attention to detail, I believe I can bring that gift to the table, I'm able to recognize and point out any mistakes that may occur within our work.
I have a variety of healthcare work experience and a biomedical degree.
Use my current abilities.
Provide you with excellent customer, patient care,
Provide you with excellence in my job performance, through my dedication of being passionate abpout my job.
Dedication and accotability.
Being loyal to this company...
I will try my best to do my duty.
Hard work, taking work seriously ,
I can provide timely completion of tasks, an easy going co-worker, and an optimistic attitude.
I have previously worked with lab equipments and labs, both in high school and college, and also consider myself to be hardworking and diligent.
I can provide experience and knowledge of both basic chemistry and biology.
I am able to handle many jobs at once. I held a position as a research assistant during the summer, I was assigned 4 or 5 jobs at one time and would have different deadlines for each of them. I worked to finish the introductory sections of each job first so I would be able to tell which would require the most work.
I have experience in other labs that have been offered at the school.
If you mean about the job I will try to do in a perfect manner.
I can provide excellent customer servic with the knowledge and hands on experience ive gained from class.
I can speak two languages. Arabic and English, which I found really helpful during practicum.
I can't speak about other candidates but as for me, I consider myself to be the most hardworking, dependable, punctual and best problem solving person there is.
I can give you much more time for the colege.. which other can't do.
I am very enthusiastic and a fast learner, eager to grow in this job role if given the opportunity. I can bring excellent organisation and time managment to the job role.
I'm dedicated, efficient, hungry to learn.
Care in my work. I don't want to pass on a less than perfect step in the process. I also want to learn so that I can make sure what I do makes the job of the next person easier.
We can put password for all the things.
I can use my knowledge that I have attained so far from working at healthscope and Dorevitch Pathology.
I will give my 100% to my work.
Being on time work not being late good performance and attendance if something come up or emergency I like being there right away I do my job done and great attitude.
I am able to thrive under pressure, and put work through in a timely manner, without falling under stress.
I have great work ethics with great time management. I get a task done in a timely fashion. I want to learn so that I can apply my prior knowledge and what I'll be learning towards my work.
Provide integrity and take time to listen to patients or customers to seek to workout a collaborative solution.
Cytogenetics experience.
Work hard since the beginning until the end of work and work in a team.
I will give the report standard.
I can be hardworking, surprising, super impressive and most importantly im interested in working which can be my biggest advantage to work and prove myself better than othrs.
The passion of learning and the courage of trying.
My years of experience in a hospital laboratory setting has prepared me.
On my expertise I will do what they can do.
I will try my best in knowledge.
My experience . Hard work high standard.
Passionate for the job, reliable and hardworking.
I have no preconceived notions of how to perform my job. I'm very flexible can take any shift.
I can give you 110%, I can give you more lab experience than the other candidates.
I can bring my confidence and experience that I already have. I can help the company grow and excel.
I have lots of varied experience, I have knowledge and understanding of science from my college and university studies where I performed highly. I have practical experience from working in labs outwith university and additionally I have expereince in a caring healthcare setting from my midwifery studies. I think you would have other applicants that may have lab experience or degrees but I have a wide range of experiences that make me stand out for this role.
I can bring in the lessons and techniques that I have learned during my college years in practice. Plus, my diverse job experience of the past will surely help me put the methodology differently than other participants.
I am able to give the best possible response in a situation after carefully accessing it.
I can provide excellent attention to detail and be able to listen or ask questions when necessary. With 4 years of college, I have seen lab work done and am comfortable with it.
I am willing to take extra time to learn whatever is necessary to get my job done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether this means learning a new software or reading ten books, I'll do it.
I am very self motivated and will always be happy and will to do anything regardless of the task.
I can offer my exceptional skills and my passion for this job. I assure you that I am the perfect fit and be an asset to this company.
I am very ambitious and want to learn as much as I can about my new profession.
I can not say anything about others, however I am a hardworking and proactive individual, isf given a chance my work would speak for me.
With my skills and knowledge I know what it takes to have lab function properly.
I am very passionate and committed to learning, and I have found from my past work experience that I am very adaptable, able to work both autonomously and as part of team.
As I have more than 91/2 years pathology collectors skills, Ican easily learn the things fast and adapt easily.
Well, my best character which makes me suitable for the position of a Laboratory Assistant is my passion and knowledge for Science and also hardwork. I think due to this I will be able to look after my students to the best of my ability and help them succeed in their practical work schedule which in tern will help them in their theory work. However my ability to help students will depend on how much I will allowed to do with the permission of the Science teachers.
I am very passionate in everything I do. I will always strive to improve and learn more.
Because I have a specific interest in pharmaceutical research, but I have no experience in the field, I can assure you that I will always come into work eager to learn, understand, and perfect the procedures while I am here.
Dedicated to her work, dependable, timely, polite, and a team player.
I have knowledge of computers besides mlt. I have worked in many health camps so I have a good communication skills. I am passionate and motivated to achieve success of both for my own and my company.
I consider myself to be someone who not only has the skills to perform the job, but most importantly be a team player and be one who possesses integrity.
Attention to detail- record the data- hardworking-
I can work in collaboration to improve the quality and academic excellence of your organization.
I am always give to 100% effort and keen to learn for new work stuff. I will doing keep to update work and clear for outstanding.
I am not sure what other candidates bring to the table, but I am confident that I am hardworking and my passion toward science will be a great asset to this lab. My former supervisor wrote on a recommendation letter that I pay attention to detail and highly analytical. I am excited to learn about echo view software and the research conducted in this lab.
I am not sure what other candidates bring to the table, but I am confident that I am hardworking and my passion toward science will be a great asset to this lab. My former supervisor wrote on a recommendation letter that I pay attention to detail and highly analytical. I am excited to learn about echo view software and the research conducted in this lab.
I'll bring a little bit of sunshine to everyone's everyday lives.
I will show up everyday and will not make excuses for my shortcomings. Also I will always strive to improve myself and continue to learn even more things that can help the company.
I can satisfy your needs inside the laboratory, I can be a all around assistant when you needed to and I am very passionate in my work just to help you and other people with a warm heart.
Since I have experience in this field I already come with some knowledge of the kind of job I will be performing for this lab.
I'm sure the company choose all around excellent employees with different talents, but I think I can provide to be a reliable and innovative source for others.
I can come up with multiple solutions to a problem, mostly people have their mind set on one agenda and then tag along, if there is a problem between two parties, I put myself in place of both the parties and weigh which side sounds more reasonable to side with, usually in chaotic situations I have the ability to think with a calm mind.