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Laboratory Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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What's your ideal company to work for?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Company which devoted toward new development in research work in bio-nanotecnology.
I seek to work for a company that delivers quality products and accurate results. I want to work for a company that prioritizes work ethic and proper treatment. I also want to work in a professional environment, minimizing the presence of lazy colleagues and corrupt systems.
One that has a strong belief in teamwork, as well as one with a great vision in helping healthcare.
I'd love to work in any area of the medical field. Whether it's in a hospital with people in a senior home with the elderly or even animals. I'm pretty open to anywhere. I just love helping people.
I want to work for a company that helps people. A full-time job asks 40 hours of my life per week, I want that time to be used for the benefit of the world.
I want to work for a company where their core belief is helping and assisting in the well-being of every any they encounter. Also, a company that is driven to educate and incorporate the public so that future generations of scientists can take over.
A company that would teach me more with opportunity to grow.
Well I really hope to work for a company like this one or maybe in a hospital. Just somewhere where I feel like i'm helping others.
I am passionate about working in a school.
Iv have worked for the nhs in the past, and it was my ideal company.
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