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What's your ideal company to work for?
A good fit goes two ways! The interviewer would like to know if their environment is the fit for which you are looking. This is why researching on the clinic, before your interview, is such an essential first step. Do you know their workplace culture? What is it about this clinic that makes you want to work for them?
Answer examples
"My ideal company will have a very inclusive and positive work environment. They will encourage continued training and embrace a team environment. How would you describe your culture?"
Entry Level answer example
"My ideal company is an organization where research, curiosity, growth, and learning is not only accepted but encouraged. Are you able to give me examples of how your organization embodies these qualities?"
Experienced answer example
"We previously discussed my need for growth, so I am certainly seeking work in a laboratory much larger and technically advanced than the one in which I currently work. I have been taking leadership courses and would like to be in an environment where I am seen as a leader and mentor. I appreciated encouraging leadership teams where curiosity is not only accepted, but encouraged."

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User-Submitted Answers

What's your ideal company to work for?
Recognized institute like aided college.
Why do we choose hplc Or Gas chromatography for a sample analysis?
Companies with reseach laboratries, where I will have a oppurtunity to learn.
Ampath Laboratories.
To do plans for future.
My ideal company is the one which I have come for now. My location is the one where I find good environment to proceed with the work.
I can prove my self.
I would like to work in a challenging, new learning environment that would increase my knowledge as a lab assistant.
An organization with strong oriented goals towards development of the nation through education , like yours.
A company that would teach me more with opportunity to grow.
Nhs, we provide the best free service in the world.
A company that would teach me more with the opportunity to grow.
A company that would teach me more with opportunity to grow.
Somewhere that allows me to continue to grow in my profession and posesses a positive atmosphere.
I am hardworking, reliable and a quick learner. I do have relevant qualifications and some lab experience related to the work you do iin here. I am able to follow procedures well and with my education and lab experience, I can contribute well to this position.
A company that would guide and teach me more, with an opportunity to grow, challenging me, with this new environment, that would increase my knowledge as a Laboratory Assistant.
Somewhere I could grow not only in my professional field but also as a person.
A company that teach me the experience I need to excel and also provide opportunity for growth.
I would like to work for a company that plans for the future, and also like to work for a company that recognizes achievements and provides ample growth opportunities.
My ideal company to work for would be a teaching hospital. I love hospital settings and knowing that not only am I doing a job, but I am also part of a rester community of patients and doctors all working towards a same goal.
Company that is technologically advanced with consistent employees whom work in a team-oriented way.
Working with friendly colleagues that are easily approachable. Organised setting so that I know what is expected of me and so that I know what my duties are.
I would want to work in a healtcare/ hospital setting that shows opportunity to learn the tools I need for advancement.
I love fun loving, hard working people to work with who can come up ideas in times of crisis.
A company that allows the employees to have a voice by way of asking questions and voicing their opinions on thing they believe will help make them more successful at doing their job the best they can.
Iv have worked for the nhs in the past, and it was my ideal company.
A company that works together to accomplish their goals. A company that is helpful towards each other. And a company that provides with the best health and resources for the patient.
One that allows me to grow my resume as a recent college graduate.
The NHS as it is is an honourable organisation that needs to be credited for the lives it saves and the chances it gives to people.
Co DAT will help mi learn more and have my future goals.
I want to work for a company where their core belief is helping and assisting in the well-being of every any they encounter. Also, a company that is driven to educate and incorporate the public so that future generations of scientists can take over.
In short term lab assistant and my long term I want to work in delhi with my parents.
A company that invests in the growth of her employees.
My ideal company to work for is IU health North Hospital.
I seek to work for a company that delivers quality products and accurate results. I want to work for a company that prioritizes work ethic and proper treatment. I also want to work in a professional environment, minimizing the presence of lazy colleagues and corrupt systems.
I would like to work for an industrial laboratory that involves preparing chemicals and testing samples.
My ideal company to work for would be a place that possessed a great team. A safe, trusting environment.
My ideal company would be one with a friendly environment where team members get along well making it an enjoyable environment in be in.
I want to work for a company that helps people. A full-time job asks 40 hours of my life per week, I want that time to be used for the benefit of the world.
Which offers a great challenging environment to work and opportunities to.
A company that shows progression and innovative ideas, there are so many wonderful things going on in the world of science and I would love for the company that I work for to be a part of that. An employer that takes pride in their work makes employees take pride in it as well.
My ideal company to work for is one that can not only offer me an intellectually stimulation environment, but also a career in which I can grow as not only a person, but as a scientist.
I would like to work for a company that stands for integrity. Also, one that encourages its employees to further their skills and careers.
An ideal company is one that values its employees dedication and experience.
A company that will challenge and make me to grow professionaly.
I am a hard worker, I like to work with you honestly. And I would like to do whatever I can for your company.
The one in which I can utilize my skills fullest to help in the advancement of the company as well as learn new things to strengthen my skill level.
A company with integrity and loyalty to its clients.
A company where I feel my contribution would be valued and one where I could progress.
My ideal company is one that encourages fairness, respect, teamwork, and independent work. A good balance between these 4 concepts can allow a well rounded environment.
A company were I can grow in terms of responsabilities, and as an individual as well.
A company with a good culture is important to me, particularly one with good ethics and where everyone is willing to have at least a working relationship.
I believe your company is a perfect place for me.
I would like to work for a NHS hospital as I have passion in science whilst studying.
.Your company! My ideal company is where I can evolve for example starting assistant laboratory to technician laboratory.
A company that is team oriented by working together to get a specific job or task done in a efficient amount of time and who can all get along well together.
I'd love to work in any area of the medical field. Whether it's in a hospital with people in a senior home with the elderly or even animals. I'm pretty open to anywhere. I just love helping people.
A company that would make me grow.
Company that I wiill able to give my year of expiercence.
I would love to work for a company that is people minded. A company where making money isn't the only thing to strive for but taking great care of our clients.
My ideal company to work for is where it has good benefits, have a good a pay, and also have a good work opportunities that can last long.
My ideal company to work for is Palmetto Health.
Company which devoted toward new development in research work in bio-nanotecnology.
One that challenges me as well as provides room to move up. One where I am surrounded by motivated co-workers and challenging work.
My ideal company to work for would be some sort of NGO or Non-profit, working with environmental biology, or sustainability to create sustainable solutions for under-developed countries.
Company that I am interviewing for.
In the future I would love to work for a fortune 500 company such as general mills or Cargill.
I will teach the student in my way, which is quite different then other one.
Company where I can grow and learn.
I'm motivated. I work well with others or alone. I'm trustworthy, responsible, and always on time.
Company who actually wants their employees to succeed and excel. Company who pushes their employees in a positive way.
A company that is loyal to their employees with opportunity to grow and be successful.
This company is based on helping the community it's in as a team and that's something I would love to be apart of.
A company nearby that gives the opportunity to work as team.
School atmosphere is comfort for me.
An environment with friendly employees. I feel that it is important to work together when needed and encourage each other.
Your laboratory, I always wanted to work with you.
I am working in this company already for the last 8 years and I am very happy here.
A medical biology tech or pharmaceutical company like baxter would be nice to use my lab and biology experince.
I have always wanted to work in diagnostics for the NHS. I applied for midwifery when I left school as I wanted to help people. When I unearthed a passion for science I never lost the drive to help people. This is why I want to work in an NHS lab as opposed to a research lab.
Forward thinking company who values their workforce and develops their staff to do the job they are employed to do.
A company that is very keen on perfection and goal oriented.
Ideally, I would like to work for a smaller company, where I won't feel like Engineer #4302 in my cubicle in some giant skyscraper. I'm not picky about what the company does, but I would like to be a part of the entire process, whatever that may be. I would love to work in the alternative energy industry.
I would like to work for a company that plans for its future. With the economy as it is, the best companies are going to be those that are constantly involving to the new market place.
Pathology companies and hospitals.
I am passionate about working in a school.
Spectrum health. I think that Spectrum is an organized inst.
I have not specified that I will work only in it but I want to do job in a reputed firm not like the lab. That are present in the bunch on roads of delhi.
One that has a strong belief in teamwork, as well as one with a great vision in helping healthcare.
I get paid for nothing. Literally nothing.
The company should have best management policy like scope for hard-worker.
My ideal company to work for is a company that focuses on sustainability and environmental engineering. And, also that is very motivated and seek for passionate and creative engineering.
My ideal company to work for is a company that focuses on sustainability and environmental engineering. And, also that is very motivated and seek for passionate and creative engineering.
Well I really hope to work for a company like this one or maybe in a hospital. Just somewhere where I feel like i'm helping others.
A company with a very good interaction with their workers, a company with a good salary and a company with a fair regulation when it comes to work.