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Tell me how you organize and maintain detailed, and accurate records in your previous work, or throughout your studies.
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I would usually use my phones calendar to keep track of important things and if it was really important I would write it down as well.
I organize my activities based on their priorities. I solve tasks in arranged and sequenced manner, which helps me to establish ground-breaking results.
Before I start my work I always check or studying the task that is given to me, in that case I easily do my work organized, very good, synchronized, clean and very well.
Always complete the task before me, and not have ten things going at one time.
These can be achieved by good laboratory practice working under supervision of seniors, and quality control.
I always keep organize, sort out for which is priority work and less priority work. I asked to colleagues that I will doing this work for sort it out.
I worked in local hotel's human resources office, which requires to organize and maintain detailed, and accurate employee records. If I mess up, an employee will not get his or her pay check, which was a lot of pressure. However, I did not make any mistakes. And a way to do it was by checking the data again and again. Also. I worked as a note taker, which requires me to take a detailed and accurate notes for disabled students. From these experiences, I was able to improve on paying attention to details and better my skill in organizing and maintaining data.
I make a list of projects or work that needs to get done. I strive for efficiency; thus, I make sure to prioritize from most important duty to least important duty, and then approach it in the most proficient manner I can. I also am very receptive to feedback on my work or suggestions on how to improve. I always do my best to make sure my work gets done by the end of the day.
I am very organised, on a day to day basis I keep a diary of my daily activities, what I need to do and major deadlines, and for example my current job has a lot of paperwork so I try to fill it out where possible before the session to save time and confusion. During labwork I managed to keep an up to date lab book by recording all aims and methods before I entered so that I didn't waste time, I kept an honest record of events throughout the session and then wrote up the discussion as soon as possible.
Write everything down that you do so you always have a record of your work to look back on. Lots of list writing and planning and preparation. Paper and computer records.
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