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How would a former co-worker or previous supervisor, describe you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Laboratory Assistant interview

The interviewer would like to know if you receive positive feedback from your colleagues. All hiring authorities want to hire someone who has an excellent reputation in their industry. Give a specific example with your answer. What has a supervisor or colleague said about you? You can draw on a recent performance review if you have one. Also, this is a great time to offer up your references.

Basic answer example
"I consistently receive positive feedback on my strong communication skills. So, I would say that based on previous comments - I am a positive co-worker who is easy to approach. I am a good team player and very focused."
Entry Level answer example
"I just completed my Associate's Degree, and one compliment that stuck with me was when my Microbiology professor complimented me on my research skills. I am detail-oriented and conscious about submitting excellent work."
Experienced answer example
"In my performance reviews, my supervisor frequently comments on my willingness to jump in and train new lab assistants. I am a team player and always dedicated to the organization's long-term vision. When you call my references, they will attest to this."

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How would a former co-worker or previous supervisor, describe you?
Hardworking, honest, reliable, dependable individual.
Perfect men for perfect work.
Hard working, humerous but very proactive towards my responsibilities.
I am usually quiet but intelligent, diligent, hardworking and smart at doing things.
Dedicated, to being a Laboratory Assistant, detailed oriented,Team Player, excellent customer service and communicating skills.
My colleagues wold describe me as highly motivated, passionate, hardworking, perfectionist and extremely organized.
My supervisor and colleagues always give positive feedback to me everyday, such as excellent Anna or Awesome, ....
They describe me as a very committed team player and that I am a responsible, reliable person. They would also say I am very determined because I never leave a task or work unfinished.
A happy bubbly person who likes to smiles a lot, a good listener and always their for somebody if they need help. Hard working and likes new opportunities and experiences.
I am not quite sure how they woud have describe me because personally I have never come accross such situation but I believe they would see me as a frinedly and positive person and thats how I am at workplace. I also am hepful person and I always like to hep my team when needed.
Calm, hard working, too detail orientated, priorities out of whack sometimes, responsible,
They would describe me as a great coulige, I am open minded, optomistic, reliable, dependable, and you could always count on me if you need anything.
My coulige would describe me as inquisitive and deligent. I ask a lot of questions because I like to be sure about task that I am given.
My colleagues describe me as a team player and optimistic.
As a person that is self-driven, hard-working, and always reaching towards success.
I believe they would agree with the previously stated. I also think they would mention my bright and positive attitude. They would say I am a loyal, hard-working individual who handles constructive criticism well.
Mature, sensible, funny, caring, considerate, hard working, creative.
Very honest ;person which is perfectlly suitable for this job and have experience for this job . Every one impress by him by quickly.
My way of thinking is different and her/his way of thinking is differ so I have to manage that with her/his way and I did that.
As competent, courageous, team player, trustworthy and passionate for excellence.
I am a very hardworking, studious student who strives to learn new concepts at a regular basis.
Perfect in all job related fields but I am a good learner and worker We can never be perfectin all fields.
As a hard worker, I am determined, and I am extremely loyal.
Most of them praise my knowledge related to analysis part and always keep on inspiring me to go higher and higher...
A professional individual with caring attitude. A multitasker and a hard worker.
Dependable always looking for the next task to complete hard working and trust worthy I was raised with the belief that you start what you finish and improve on it every time.
Downt to earth person, kind, polite, trustworthy.
They describe me as a hard working, and com operative...
Fast learner, hard working, detail orientated.
They would describe me as easy going and dependable.
A dedicated, hard worker, who often puts other ahead of herself. Tikiesha is detail oriented, perceptive and always willing to learn new ideas.
Hard working, calm, well-paced, and complete something once I start.
As a reliable and hard working person.
My courage like to work with me and they describe me as a hard worker, honest, problem solving, as a team leader.
Friendly, detail oriented, organized and punctual.
Active, accure, very serious.
Hardworker, meticulous, precise, friendly and outgoing.
Sharp, fast and reliable.
My colleagues would describe me as an easy person to work with, and helps them with daily tasks. They might also describe me as friendly and easy to talk too.
My colleagues would describe me as friendly, reliable and honest person.
I think they would say a very caring and compassionate person who really cares about other peoples feelings and is very reliable and dependable.
Hard working and a team worker.
Everyone sees me as punctual, fast learner, easy to get along with and helpful.
Good team player, reliable and hardworking.
They said I am very hard working person and always tried to help them in any situations and I am very clean person.
My collegues describe as a hard working person and has a great work ethic and has a positive attitude.
Team player, dedicated, detail oriented, respectful, hard-working.
Passionate, patient, problem solver, punctual, organised, reliable, optimistic and social.
Persistant drive to be the best at what I do. Dedicated, loyal, passion for helping people. Award winning customer service and great patient care.
I'm honest, hardworking, reliable dependable individual.
Hardworking, reliable, honest.
Friendly, cooperative, suitable for team work.
Hardworking, dedicated, and honest.
Friendly, helpfully, reliable, trustworthy.
Very hard worker, happy and willing to do anything, always willing to learn and takes advise well. Independent, doesnt need to be told to do anything.
Diligent, hardworking and passionate for my job.
Reliable with a thirst for knowledge.
My co-worker would describe me as a team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to get any task completed on time.
I would like to think that they would firstly describe me as friendly and approachable, I am always happy to help where possible in order to meet department or mutual goals. Secondly, I think a lot of people would describe me as very organised, as I like to keep on top of things and know all the task I need to complete.
Easy to work with, flexible, reliable.
My supervisor would describe me a conscientious, diligent and hard worker who is thorough in my work and really enjoys working in the field of Science.
A former coworker would describe me as hardworking and committed to my work.
A former coworker would describe me as hardworking and committed to my work.
Many of my superiors have described me as a smiley person. I've never noticed this in myself, but a lot of people have told me that no matter what kind of day I am having, I always come into work with a smile.
They would definatly describe as hard working, comitted, responsible, artistic . Maybe a little too persistant.
Dedicated to her work, dependable, timely, polite, and a team player.
I have good relationship with my coworker and my seniors. They all know me for my passion and motivatin.
Hardworking, teamplayer, reliable.
They define me as a hard working, passionate, enthusiastic, highly energetic, fully confident, and dedicated professional.
My former co-worker and previous supervisor think I am hard working, happy to help to other, keen to learning, communcation to person and very teamwork.
- It is not easy to compliment myself to people, but I have a recommendation letter from a former work supervisor. And, she wrote that I have a results-oriented mind set. I am a quick learner and very proactive.
- It is not easy to compliment myself to people, but I have a recommendation letter from a former work supervisor. And, she wrote that I have a results-oriented mind set. I am a quick learner and very proactive.
As an enjoyable person to work with and a hard worker. I have the type of personality thats easy to get along with and I am good at avoiding conflict, with my peers or other staff members or my coworkers.
My previous supervisor would tell you that I'm a very goal oriented person. I'm hard working, very outgoing and I do everything possible to make the people around me happy and comfortable.
Hard work, driven individual. Trustworthy and reliable.
Hard working and able to easily stay on task until my job is done.
A friendly person, organized, clean, flexible and easy to work with.
They will describe me as really friendly, reliable and responsible.
My co-workes have teasingly accused of having too many friends because I am very accepting other everyone I meet. My co-workers might say that I am listener and have a humorous personality. I think that they may also describe me as having a good work ethic and that I stay focused when work needs to get done. I like my co-workers to know that I am dependable and a reliable source.
I like to break the tasks in to many small that can easily solve the members of of my team and that should be on time.
Determined, persistent, fast learner, curious.

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