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When you answer this question be sure to include an example of a time when you went over and above in order to meet your supervisors' expectations.
Answer examples
"I am a very reliable lab assistant. In the 2 years that I have worked in my current role I have never been late. In additional to being responsible with my time, I can almost always be called upon to work overtime or cover a shift if required."

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User-Submitted Answers

I am very reliable. I have been called to work numerous of times from the job I am working at now, because of short of employees.
I'm very sincere with my work.
Very reliable, I'm open to random schedualing.
A reliable worker will be trusted to do the job as promised and can reap the ...
I am a very reliable worker, I have only been sick once since I started working, I fill in for others and I do not mind working weekends or holidays.
My time keeping is excellent and I am very flexible to my role.
I am very reliable, since I am able to understand and grasp things quickly. I am ready to take up any instructions and follow the necessary steps as required.
Very reliable. I am on time and ready to work when needed.
I am very reliable. Even during out of work hours and days I do not work, I can still be contacted if a problem arises and would respond in a timely manner.
Pretty reliable. At my previous internship, my lab members trusted me to keep working and clean up after they left early.
During my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology I worked as a lab assistant at the Mayo Clinic. My work at the mayo clinic aided scientists conducting clinical research about human metabolism. I have extensive experience identifying proteins in muscle tissue and plasma.
As I work for AusPost I come to work almost everyday, more than 95% in every year.
I am a very reliable worker. I am very good at time management so I also arrive early to settle myself in. I never call out of work unless it is an emergency and I always work at my full potential everyday.
You can depend on me to get the work done efficiently and accurately.
I always turn up on time for shift and I am a reliable team member. I work shift patterns of 4am to 11pm at night.
I am very reliable, I am rarely ill and I put one hundred percent into everything that I do. I am hard working and try very hard at all time.
Very. I was in charge of laboratory during weekend when no managers available.
I will do ANYTHING to get the job done. Anything ;)
I believe I am a very reliable worker with a positive attitude and the experience of getting things done effiecently.
I am very reliable, rarely miss days without letting you know ahead of time if something is coming up, and I get the job done in a fair and timely manner.
Once you have assigned me a task, be rest assured the job will be completed.
I am extremely reliable I have never been late to work and ive been told that since I am on call the scheduler calls me first because she is confident that I will respond promptly and be willing to give my best efforts.
I am very reliable.You can count on me in tough situations without any hesitation.
I am a very reliable worker; this office can expect for me to accomplish all of the tasks necessary to the best of my ability and in a professional manner. I value the importance of punctuality, and this clinic can trust that I will not only arrive on time, but complete tasks by the time that they are needed to me accomplished. I currently do have a position of a sales associate, which I have been having for a little over two years, and it is still my goal to always arrive on time. To add, I understand the importance of getting along with co-workers in this type of setting, which can be expected of my part. There should be a relationship with coworkers in order to have a seamless work environment.
Because of my maturity and ability to problem solve I am relied on by various people including teachers in the past, family and friends.
I work not only for my govt job and salary and I love to work and I asked the others to work as well as...
Am very reliable, dependable and trustworthy, I can rate myself on the scale of 10, 10/10
I am always on time and can manage my tasks well and efficiently.
It am very reliable person. I am open to helping other lab assistant. I Am diligent on being on time and making sure my work is being done properly.
I am punctual, reliable nad hard working and you will also be satisfied finding this.
I am punctual, reliable nad hard working and you will also be satisfied finding this.
I am a reliable worker whom rarely call out.
I will be at work at my scheduled time I will come in on my on call days and when I am at work my co workers can depend on me to go beyond my job description.
I am a very reliable person, I strive to be on time, to complete my task in a fast and efficient manner.
I am a very reliable and dependable worker. I go above and beyond to fulfill my duties.
I could do my level best to gain trust.
I am ultra reliable. I am driven and dedicated. And for the right company, this is a lifelong commitment.
I am very honest, hard working.
I am punctual, honest and my schedule is flexible.
I am a very reliable person sincere and will not let anyone down you can trust me.
I am a very reliable worker my previous job I only missed a total of 5 days in 6 yrs. Of being employed there.
Very reliable, I take my job serious.
I'm very reliable. I'm always at work early and there to help before a shift. I'd even say over prepared but there is no such thing as being to prepared. You can always rely on me to be at work ready and be there for my shift before if starts. Even in past jobs I have been at I was able to get a sitter and be there in a snow storms. Cabs are pretty much always available if I'm not able to drive or get a drive.
You can depend on me and I am very honest.
I am very reliable person and my previous job and my current job I have zero percent seickenss record and I am very reliable.
I am an honest person and I am a truthful person.
I'm a very reliable worker, and I do what I can to help the organization succeed and to stay on top.
My work devotion and result show my reliabilty!
Very, always on time, always willing to help out in any situation.
Very, I am almost always the first one you can call to cover or be there when a situation arises.
I am very reliable. I am punctual and very dependable. You can count on me to not only always show up to work, but also always put in 100% and do my best.
I hold myself to a certain standard when it comes to my work and I believe that I a my very reliable worker.
I always put 100% in everything I do.
If I had to actually rate myself 1-10 I'd give me a 12. I'm always available. I am use to change, im. Always on time and I'm not a call out person. I actually got an award for perfect attendance.
I'm on time, honest, and anything that is needed I can be there to help.
You can check my previous job details with the concerned compony.
I am very reliable. I feel that work is something where your character is reflected so I take my jobs seriously because I want to be seen as a responsible and respectable person, and being reliable is an important characteristic in that.
Very reliable, I prefer to get work done ahead of deadline.
I am very reliable and puntual and a very good team player.
I would say I am very reliable and dependble on what I do with my work. Always there when I am needed or when work is done.
I am punctual, flexible, good team player. Complete jobs to the hghest possible standard.
I am very reliable worker because I will arrive early to make sure I am ready for my work day.
I pride myself on never being late to work, and always give my best. I grew up on a farm, and as a result, reliability is deeply ingrained in my work ethic.
I am trustworthy, honest, flexible, passionate and a good team member.
Very reliable and trustworthy.
I am very reliable. I understand as part of a team there are many people who rely on you and it is important for me to do my job well in order for the team to run smoothly.
I ensure you if I will hired then I will perform all my activities honesty with responsibility.
I always put my work first. I love to let others know they can count on me. I have been told I am very reliable, and a strong teamplayer.
Hard working and ready accept any good changes.
I asked my former supervisor for a recommendation letter for my scholarship. And, in the letter, she mentions that I am punctual and my work is accurate and reliable. I hope your team will also consider me as a worker with those qualities if I get to work for your team.
I asked my former supervisor for a recommendation letter for my scholarship. And, in the letter, she mentions that I am punctual and my work is accurate and reliable. I hope your team will also consider me as a worker with those qualities if I get to work for your team.
Very dependable. Great attitude and always on time.
I am very reliable worker. I have never called in sick from a job and was available to work when others could not.
I am a worker with a good quality and performance, and a very trustworthy person.