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This is your opportunity to let the interviewer know that you are in this career for the long term. When answering this question be sure to talk about your passion for the career path.
Answer examples
"I plan on staying in this position very long term. Laboratory work is what I am passionate about because I understand the impact that it has on the health and lives of others. I will be in this career long term."

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User-Submitted Answers

Being a science graduate and long experience as a science teacher, Ithink my knowledg.
As long as you need me. I see myself as lab techniciam I planned to study partime in unisa for analycal chemisytry.
Selama masih dibutuhkan.
I don't have a time limit. I want to work and continue to learn as much a possible in this position to provide great customer service.
Mostly 10 hr days, depending on how much overtime I am allowed !
I am planning to retire working here.
For a period of a year and as long as im still needeed.
If this is a perfect fit for me, I beliebe I would like to keep it for as long as I possibly could.It will be dependent on how well my integration into your team goes.
I plan on staying within the company for many years it has always been a dream of mine to work here long- term.
Definitely upto retirement from the serice.
As long as you need me. I plan to apply to graduate school next year and would love to continue working for you during that time.
I would hope to work for you throughout the duration of the contract and if an opportunity were to arise for further work I would be more than willing to consider that option.
As long as you need me. I would hope to work for you throughout the duration of the contract and if an opportunity arises for further work. I would be willing to consider. Also, I do plan to continue with education, but would like to continue working for you during that time.
I am a kind of person who is not often changing job. I had changed one only when I migrated to Australia, and this times is for promotion. So I would like to stay as long as I am still able to work.
Indefinitely, I plan to work as an MLA working upon my HCPC portfolio and subsequently becoming a biomedical scientist at your hospital, I would then look into specialisation.
I would expect to work for this company for at least a few years. I eventually want to get more schooling and get a certification to be a laboratory technician which hopefully will allow me to stay with the company even longer.
I am looking for a full time permanent job and I have looked into this particular role and applied for this job because it interests me a lot and if I got the job I would be intending to work here for quite a few years.
I am sure I will work for a long period of time because to be able to get job in such reputed research laboratory will be a great opportunity for my lifetime experience.
Till I achieve a higher position than I am being selected into.
For as long as there is potential for me to grow and progress career wise. And for as long as I feel challenged in my role.
This is my career goal so if I have a chance for advancement then I will stay for a long time.
I plan to work for you as long as you allow me to.
For as long as I can. Of course, after graduating college, I will preferably want to start working as a nurse. However that is not going to happen in a while.
I hope to be with you until I feel I am ready to attend university and return as a Biomedical graduate.
M looking for a long-term duration with your company.
I would expect to work for 4-months, though if extension is available, 8-months.
I would expect to be hired for as long as needed and If I have the opportunity to work longer it would be an honor.
If hired I will work long time because this is a field of my choice and I worked before in the same field so I like it.
That depends upon the feasibility of the job and my growth in that particular area.
As long as you will have me to work for this company.
I am looking for longevity on my next job so if I am hired a plan to be with Bronson for many years to come because eventually I would like to advance to a supervisor role.
If hired I would love to stay with the company for as long as permitted. Hopefully, I will be able to grow and further my position.
I expect atleast one year.
For as long as I can. I love working in the lab and would really enjoy actually having hands-on experience.
I like to work with your company as long I can work that mean until my retirement.
As long as possible or till we both think I am doing a good job.
I understand this is a temporary job until the contract will be updated after six months. I would eventually like to progress, however having this job will meet a lot of mine and my husbands needs and as a result I would like to stay on with the company.
I would like to stay on for long term and progress as it's always been my passion.
For an indefinite amount of time.
As long as am comfortable.
I would work until I retire. I wouldn't expect to leave any earlier. I want a career and that is what I am working towards.
As long as I live because once I get this job I stick to one only.
I will work long as much I learn and it's my a kind of my dream job so I will work very long and will learn new things.
I would probably expect about 3 to 4 years if I was hired.
I expect to spend many years at this place of employment.
As long as I fully satisfied myself that there are thing left for me to do.
At the very least I year, I have future goals but to start here I plan to master the skills i'm taught and utilize techniques to better my abilities as a lab worker.
Until the end of the semester, and next fall if needed.
I would most likely work for the rest of the semester and perhaps into the summer if needed.
As long as you needed me.
As long as I can move up and be successful. I want to help the company expand and vise versa.
As long as you continue with the mission set forth for the community and as long as the position stay available.
As long as can be useful for the company.
Its depended upon my health and knowledge.
As long as my hard work and efforts are appreciated by the organization.
At the beginning the 9 month contrac.
I would love to work for a long time especially if big opportunites open up in the company. I would love to start and grow in this company learning from it.
I understand the position is temporary. If a longer term position came up I would be very interested in the role and would love to gain as much knowledge as possible from the lab that would help in my future career in science - whether that be in this lab or another.
However long you needed me.
I plan to work for many years to hopefully seek an opportunity for advancement.
I would expect to work through the summer and into the next school year. Potentially the summer following, if you're not sick of me by then.
I do plan on going back to school but not for a couple of years.
It has been always my dream to be part of your company. So if I am hired it will be my pleasure and I assure that I can give you my best. And if you recognize my work and potential, I will be there with you always as long as you want me to stay in this company.
I know that the internship is only a year, but I love oxford as a city and identify with the university hospital trust ethos so I would like to continue on here as a biomedical scientist, I would also eventually like to join the stp scheme.
As long we both are happy about my performance .
I would hope to work with spectrum for at least two years.
I will work until the company have the requirement and I can't tell how long but until becoming sr. Lab technician I am here.
I believe irl is a great company to work for with many great opportunities for my ultimate position. I can see myself working here until retirement.
Sorry, what does work mean?
I can work for the team until I graduate, which will be in three or four years. Even then, I might go to masters, so I can work longer.
I can work for the team until I graduate, which will be in three or four years. Even then, I might go to masters, so I can work longer.
I would hope to be in it for the long haul as attempt to move up in the company.
As long as you need me, as long as I can help other people and as long as I am successful like you.