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Describe your experience working beyond the laboratory. What unique skills have you developed?
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Handle with care and precise.
Still I didnt work fr the post of lab assistant but I promise that I will do my work well as I selected fr this post and this will be the great opportunity for me to work in this school.
I have worked as a teacher along with working as a laboratory demonstrator. I believe I have the skills to explain students course related practical class work if and when required.
Outside of school and labs, I'm a pretty good musician, namely piano and voice. I like to sew, run, cycle, hike, ski - pretty much anything outdoors. I really enjoy talking to new people, finding new projects and challenges, and generally improving myself. That's actually my personal mantra - to never stop growing.
I am very good at cooperating with other people and figuring out what they need. I am also very good at finding things to work on because I dislike unoccupied time.
Upcoming Software to be installed as per requirment.
I have a phlebotomist license, medical asst completion certificate, I m a licensed cna I'm familiar with med terminology.
In my previous work me and my co workers are very united when doing our work and by with this we finish our work very well that satisfy our customers. strong mind and a very strong heart, this is my unique skills.
Beyond the lab I do teaching to child's that enhances my knowledge provides me motivation. I have also sound knowledge of computer likes windows 7 window 8 ms word etc.
Sterility, bioborden and lal test, Swap test and serial dilution.