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Kindergarten Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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What steps would you take to handle a student who is a consistent behavioral problem in your classroom?
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I would set out to find the reason for this student'a behavioral problems and then work from their. I would also come up with some sort of system to help the student take ownership in his or her behavior.
I would first try to create a classroom environment that would defer any possible behavior problems. Such as keeping students engaged and actively learning. I would utilize any resources for behavior management while using the PBIS method. I would try to figure out why the child was having a consistent issue by looking at where and when the problems occur. IS there a particular student they are with when problems happen, is it during a specific activity, or is the problem all over the spectrum. If the problem was persistent after my attempts in the classroom I would contact the parents to see if there is any change in their environment at home that could be the source. I would work with the parent to come to a solution as to how we can help their child succeed.
Lots of appropriate modeling of expected behavior. Immediate feedback in kid friendly language. Appropriate consequences when needed. Lots of positive reinforcement to redirect.
Will motivate child in their way to make them behave properly.
Try to determine if there is a reason for the misbehavior. Give the student a chance. If behavior continues I would think about asking the counselor if there was anything going on or big changes in the home. It may require a phone call home. Ask another teacher to observe and get their opinion on the what they think.
I would come up with some sort of behavior plan or reward system to promote good behavior.
I'm tey my best to teach a stdent moral lesson.
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