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How do you minimize the risk of errors in your work?

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The interviewer wants to hear that you have some sort of method for ensuring the accuracy of your work. Do you read your work out loud to help you catch errors? Do you utilize dual monitors to help you cross-check information? Do you use a buddy system to cross-check each others work? Whatever method you are accustomed to using, share it with the interviewer!

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How do you minimize the risk of errors in your work?
By working effectively and efficiently.
I am pedant, precise and when I work I always pay attention 100 %.
I have created a excel sheet with the set formulae and cascaded it to the team and so which saves lots of time in processing the workorders. I usually work on the orders which are possibly to converted in to the contracts and I consider the same with the data of the previous months.
Whate ever I do while working as junior accountant that time will work correctly and check to avoid errors.
By revising it after completion of work.
By checking while doing them to make it in effective way and with complete knowledge.
Double-checking my work before I can confirm.
By reconciling the actual results with budgeted/previous records OR sharing the opinions with most senior professionals before making the final results.
I always try to know the tasks whatever I am going to face and any problem accure I take the help of coleuges.
I go through my task twice, to make sure that I've done it correctly and be detail oriented.
By double checking, and sometimes triple checking if necessary .
Once I find my error next time avoid those time of errors and errors is common of all work but I try to reduced.
I put lot of focus to my work.
I do not hurry to complete my work I do it carefully.
With suggstions and plaing.
I would consult and ask for help where I do not understand to confirm what is required and to understand what I am doing and why.
Double Checking, Triple checking. The most professional response would be 3 way match.
The need to pay attention to detail.
As for me, every job done must be accomplished diligently in order to minimize the risk of errors. Even though, it could be rushed to meet the deadline but I will make sure that the work done in an appropriate manner and should ask for advice or opinion from other colleague before it being submitted.
With policies and procedures.
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