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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
The interviewer hopes to hear that you will stay with the company long-term. Simply share that you see yourself working at this company in five years! Express that you hope you will find a company that you love working for and will stay in for many years to come. If the company offers a promotional track for Interior Designers, such as management, you may even mention that you hope to receive a promotion at the company within 10 years!

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User-Submitted Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A Senior Designer at Arcturis in St. Louis.
Working within a higher position within the company.
I see myself as a vessel for new experiences that encourage my growth. I am optomistic that I can exceed the companies expectations of me and am willing to work toward a common goal.
Good interior designer with costumer satisfaction.
I am as project coordinator.
Running a home renovation business.
As a skilled interior designer who has made some really worthy contributions in this field.
Having my own design office.
In 5 years, I see myself having gained knowledge of wider varieties of the design world. In a management position or similar.
As a successful and one of the best interior designers.
I will be in a managerial position or at least as a team leader from my current position department.
I see myself as an Interior designer, working on concept and implementation tasks that are strengthening the companies client base by achieving quality designs.
Hopefully in a middleweight position and would like to freelance for some time.
Working for your company.
In 5 years my goal is to be working in a firm that specializes in residential / and small commercial projects. I will have my NCIDQ accreditation and have honed my skills in audocad and maybe Revit if the positions I work in require it.
Project manager over seeing the smooth running of projects.
Be more knowledgeable professionally. Be more confidence.
I would like to be in an all-round interior design position and widen my portfolio in workspace, hospitality and residential sector and find my specialization as I progress in my career.
Working for a big firm in interior design.
In five years I see myself working for a firm that specialized in mainly commercial design. I see myself as one of the top designers working on large scale projects with a great team.
How would you handle being given an assignment or project that was outside your comfort level or skill set?
As a fully skilled senior interior designer with a great team.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
As an intermediate or senior designer at Astound Group.
I see myself established in an interior design firm. Hopefully managing my own projects from start to finish and working with a great team. I hope to start to settle down as a person and consider buying my first home and starting a family.
A more seasoned space planner/designer in a leadership role with more responsibilities. Venturing into increased freelance work.
Working for a interior design workshop.
All was I want to be creative designer. Learning new thing, studying fame designer artical's designings.
I am pretty experienced now, I know how to handle the things,
I see myself growing in IKEA hopefully rising to an intermediate or senior designer position or if possible even branching into head office design work.
I believe I will be a project manager or a design director managing 3-4 different proejcts. With my creative skillset, I will be able to direct younger desiners with my expert ideas and solutions that work both safely and aesthetically.
In the upcoming 5 years I will see myself to be confident enough to handle any situation.
I am doing my best and give best result to my client I want to continoue this to go on top and make my position up.
As a senior certified interior designer.
I see my self working on a house with my team and being an interior designer.
In the next 5years, I would like to see myself in a higher role.
Hopefully I will gain enough experience and respect to become a team leader.
Working in a changing world of design that works with the environment.
In 5 years time, I see myself as an interior design graduate firstly working within a small company as a designer. This is because I feel that it is important to begin my career from firstly learning and understanding the different aspects of the design industry to get a grasp of how I can keep on improving both my weakest and strongest points, I feel that I can obtain this through a small company.
I plan on becoming NCIDQ certified, and continuing to grow my knowledge of interior design.
Succesful interior designer.
I am quite a royal person I see my self working for the company that gives me my first job in design. I would like to develop and grow to a mid level designer with room to improve and working on projects and delivering them by myself. Working towards a senior designer.
I think I will enhanced my skills and learn more.
As a mid level to senior interior architect, I would like to be producing outstanding designs that a current, edge cutting etc. To me it is important that I am still doing a job I love, one that is satisfying and rewarding. I aspire to one day start my own interior firms, focusing on retail and hospitality fitouts, producing projects of the highest and uncompared quality.
A person that will have added great value in this company, the colleagues and the interior design industry at large.
Hopefully well established in the design and decorating department.
I like to take one day at a time and do the best I can for that day. As far as 5 years go, I would like to possibly be registered.
In 5 years I would love to see myself settled in a company I love, I would like to be in some kind of leadership role. I like to work with people so I would hope I that would be a large part of my role. I hope to be loving what I do each day, living a secure lifestyle.
In 5 years, I hope to have my own business in interior design. However, I cant achieve that that unless I get my feet wet with having more experience in different realms or aspects of design. Such as being in high end residential, or hospitality design or construction. Those will all give me a foundation in where I will be in the next 5 years.
I see myself working as an interior designer in a small design firm in Singapore. I would eventually want to venture out globally to widen my skills and to learn more.
I will be an interior designer who predominate the design skill and thinking.
In 5 years I see myself having great knowledge of the design industry in florida, I also see myself having grown within a company and become one of their valued designers.
Working for the university.
I will acomplish my study in singapore, and I will work in some big company so I could get chanel and open my own company with my team.
Working as a Junior Designer at a reputable interior design or architecture firm.
In 5 years, I see myself as a junior interior designer in the city with a strong design philosophy from a variety of projects and influencing entry designers.
Designing! I am enjoying being a student but am confident I won't hate the working world - I am not sure where I see myself living but certainly want to be working on some great designs.
Hyderabad interior designer.
Working well with team member and colleague, been promote to suitable position with my performance.
Still challenging myself here at the firm succeeding in delivering excelling designs.
I see myself in a position in a company where I can grow and work with people I can really learn from.
I see myself in a potential business where I create interior plans for the clients.
Within 5 yrs I might b the level manager of this concern.
Still living in Dubai, as a senior or managerial interiors role. I am setting up a blog, which I hope becomes successful. Blog is about 'how to' tricks for dubai living (rented and short term living), and a report on the coolest designs; bars, restaurants, shops, individual designers etc. And I love photography styling, so would love to include styling interiors shots into my plans too.
Starting to have my own signature concerning interior design and to have significant style which will make me ready to open my own firm within 10 years from now as both skills and practical experience are needed not just talent.
I have became a fully professional in the field of designing I have learned so many designing techniques and gained skills from a basic sketch to a fully concept achieved design I have learn how to chose a concept, and how to achieve the goal by following the theme. Etc.
In yours company, ill have more projects for known companies.
As a manager in my interior company.
I see myself as interior designer.
Starting my own firm as a interior designer.
I will be at higher position at company.
Leading small scale interior projects.
I see myself successful at my career.
In the next 5 years I see myself to have developed my Design Skills further.
I m self worker and guide my colic.
Hopefully working self employed owning my or managing my own interior design firm.
I see myself in dubai. After college days, now i'm at the real race here in dubai. It's not as easy job to withstand in this competitive job market. Everyday here, is like full of surprises and loaded with knowledge.
In the next five years I see my self as a proprietor of a interior design firm or at a top managing level in a big interior firm.
In 5 years I see myself working in Surabaya, Indonesia which is where I lived as a interior designer.
I am interesting at retail design, but there is lack of interaction space, so I want to develop designing retail space collaborated with communication space. also, create innovative experience retail or exhibition space.
In your company I am the head interior designer in next 5 years.
First all I take a deep breath and do all my work, and I did give up when my work has done.
I see myself at an interior design firm growing as an individual in the field as well as help grow business in the firm I would currently be at.
What is general intersts for interior design.
Appointed as a proffesional interior designer ia a commercial business.
Senior interior designer.
As a skilled interior designer who has made some really worthy contributions in this field.
Getting My degree in interior designing and decorating.
I five years I see myself in the senior interior designer position, with my own assistant in New York City.
In 5 years I hope to have developed my skills to a stage of proficiency, I want to be working for a company that has a positive work culture and maintains the well being of their employees.
Handling a remodeling project from start to finish on my own, without supervision.
I see myself getting licensed for the NCIDQ exam and getting LEED certified. I see myself building my own home showcasing my design style as an interior designer and I also see myself moving up in a company I am working for as a senior interior designer.
In five years, I see myself as a successful Interior Designer, who has learned enough skills that can benefit both the company and help me achieve my career goals. I am eager to explore and experience new challenges and excited to invest five years time specializing in a career I find extremely interesting and motivating.
In good size design company, where still I can develop my skills and also I can shere my experience with other people.
Working in a recognised company.
At 10th + floor of a building working as architect in U.A.E
Still working for Lowe's representing our brand.
In St. Louis. Employed. Successfully supporting myself. Being involved with ASID.
I'd like to see myself as a successful interior designer.