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What made you choose to become an Interior Designer?

1 of 28 Interior Designer Interview Questions and Answers Written by Professional Interviewers

How to Answer

Have you always dreamt of becoming an Interior Designer? Did someone you look up to motivate you to become an Interior Designer? Did you work with an Interior Designer, and were you so inspired by the experience that you decided to go back to school for your degree? The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about the field, and when you candidly share why you chose the field, your passion will automatically come through!

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What made you choose to become an Interior Designer?
My love of playing with colors shapes and textures and skills in creating functional and beautiful interiors that all my friends love-
It was actually an accident that I became an Interior designer, but to be honest, it is a great feelings to be one because Interior designers projects are fast and you could designed whatever impossible to be possible.
As I previously talked about, I got into architecture at first but the user-oriented aspect of interior design attracted me much quicker.
My creativity and fashion about designing. My family back ground.
It was at a young age that I was actually interested in interior design. I use to always love helping my pick out paint, and furniture when we would redo rooms in our home. And as I got older I enjoyed actually mocking up drawings of spaces, and designing them.
Was always interested in interior design.
While I was growing up, I have always been fascinated with structures and how buildings looked both externally and internally. Before, I wanted to take up architecture which focuses more on the exterior of building structures but as I got to know more about the different aspect of the design industry and what else it offers, I came across Interior design which have caught my eye and I knew that it was the career path that I wanted to take. It gave me a different vibe from when I was still interested with architecture and I got more the feeling of freedom and creativity. And I feel that it is not as restricted. From then on I became more interested and passionate about how I can utilise the space available and began linking this within contemporary examples that are happening around the world. The first thing that I thought of was poverty and natural disasters in LED countries.
Myself because I love create new designs and reuse all waste things to use full materials.
Growing up, my mom was always taking me to clients homes, furniture and fabric stores and I was always interested in floor plans featured in magazines.
When I was younger, my parents would always purchase decor/furniture for their home not becasue it was was functional nor aesthetically pleasing. But because it was cheap/inexpensive. That then made me furious and made me rearrange/buy new furniture for them just so my family could be more comfortable in their home . From then on I figured that I had a passion for improving a home because in the end it improves lifestyle.
My obsession with changing room designs since I was in school.
The challenge to design from 2D to 3D spaces.
I belive on my self that I can be a good designer.
I have always been interested in all forms of design - graphic, fashion, industrial, architecture. I have always had the passion to create something which goes beyond the norms. Interior design gives me the opportunity to create spaces which influence the way we inhabit space, move through it and interact in it.
My ninth grade counselor told me that artist don't make money. So I found a field that I could be creative and find plenty of work.
I've always loved the idea of renovations ever since I watched extreme makeover home edition when I was little. I thank started playing a computer game called Sims and it took off from there. My favorite part was building and furnishing the home I made.
When I was a kid, I saw a television show where interior designers would help families who live in less comfortable surroundings. I enjoyed seeing how the designer would work with the existing site given to them and take on the challenge to create aesthetic yet function homes for these families. The most common issue as the lack of space, and the designer had to always be creative and clever when tackling these problems.
Inspired with the building designs when I entered dubai.
In year 11 I got a work experience placement at an architecture firm.
I was abroad in Europe when I realized how much I loved learning about architecture and design. Although I was always creative growing up, this was when my realization that I wanted to become a designer occured.
My desire to help people. I value customer service and I believe that I am great at fascilitating change and improvement.
When I was in freshman year, the first thing that caught my mind was actually display designs of the stores. I was attracted by the retailers that are full of changes that never stays the same.
Various elements of life, beautiful interiors and psychology.
I loved doing what usual interior designer does.
Each day that passes different buildings are designed in different ways and this made me want to become part of this industry so that I can explore this field even more and be part of something that makes the world look colorful and great.
Its God gifted field then I make it my profession I convert my passion in my profession.
I naturally have swayed to designing the Interior with more detail. I took product design in a level - and architecture at uni - I feel these influences have combined and I naturally find the smaller details more endulgent. The is evident in my Uni final project etc etc.
Growing up I enjoyed being able to change the arrangement of my parents living room. Moving the furniture around and creating different feelings of the room.
Well in fact my parents said I should start my own career, because I love designing and creativity and thought maybe there right.
My sketches and thinking deep about interior of an space.
I grew up with my father in realestate and he would flip houses. I love picking out the tiles, paint colors and finishes.
Have a passion for design.
I've loved designing things ever since I was little. I would help my mom decorate for the holidays, pick out paints and new furniture for the house, and rearrangement my room at least once a month. I want to be happy and playing with colors and accessories, figuring out puzzles i. E. Space planning, and working with people to create beautiful spaces is fun for me. I understand that there is a lot more to being a designer but those a still huge aspects that I love to do and makes me happy. That is a huge part of my life is to be happy and to love what I am doing and whats around me and being a designer does just that.
As I've mentioned before I've always had great admiration to how interiors reflect personalities and can alter emotions, and I wish to have that ability as I love means of self-expression.
To be able to reflect the personalities and daily life of the users in their space whether it was residential, commercial .. Etc.
Just the creative mind set that I have. Everywhere I go, I will always be looking at interiors and how things work better or if they dont work. From studying interiors I have become even more passionate about design and it has become the person I am.
I enjoy beautiful spaces.
I have always had a passion for design. Shapes, colours, textures all combining into objects which are used to create a living and functional space.
Whenever I go into a space, I tend to visualise how I want the space to be designed. I feel that the interior of a space must be designed well to relate with the users for them to feel at ease. It is also my dream to have my own house designed by me which is why I choose to become an interior designer.
I've always had a passion for design. My Dad was constantly revamping something in our house when I was growing up and I always wanted to be in the middle of the scene - choosing the material, helping with the addition layouts, watching as the construction was taking place. Going in to college I sort of psyched myself out and went in as a business major thinking interior design was too specified of a degree - I quickly decided business was not enough for my creativity that was oozing out and transferred to interior design and have never second guessed that decision. I love every aspect of design.
I have always had a passion for interior design since I was young. It has sparked my interests because of how creative you can be.
I love color, texture, architecture and making spaces that create an emotional response that makes the client want to stay forever... And design more rooms of course!
I have always had intrest in Fashion and Architecture. During my time at University studying Architecture, I have always spent the majority of the project paying great attention to detail, which led me to always reflecting that in my interiors.
As a child always changing m, y room around them changing colors. Then I travelled and when I returned I did a carpentry apprenticeship. For me I was always looking at building and had an interest in architect but not any formal training asn interior architecture and interior design seemed the next logical step for me. I like interior. I like design. I like old / new and nice things.
I had a great passion for the built environment but my passion grew even more when I started to question the link between humans and interiors thats when I knew it was an industry I wanted to apart of.
After I studied interior design.
My love for decorating my home and the ways in which I try to reuse certain furniture or interior products in a different way.
I have always been involved in art or design, since my school days, and interior design was always a front runner for me, creating beautiful spaces, and experiences was something I thought I could only aspire too, but my last couple years in high school, I really focused on art and design and realised I could make an enjoyable and successful career out of this. I knew from my first drawing class at uni I had made the right decission, I never had any doubts throughout my course that this wasn't what I was meant to be doing.
A class I took in high school.
I had choose to be an interior designer because you can make an old item become new.
I always love designing stuff it started with fashion design than end with interior and I am glad it did.
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